Little buildings, big lessons

ANITA — If you're having trouble navigating your way around the "Weather Capital of the World," instead of checking Google Maps, you can ask the students in Cheri Barenchik's second-grade class at Parkview Elementary School in Anita.

The students once again have created a mini display of Punxsutawney from shoeboxes, said Barenchik, adding that each student has to take a little car and give her directional words on how to travel around from place to place.

"The students were assigned their buildings two weeks ago, and it is a family project. Family members are allowed to help them with this," she said. "They definitely have to do the outside of the building, and some did choose to do the inside of the buildings also."

Barenchik said the students created their buildings for a social studies unit titled "Needs and Wants."

"The students were encouraged to visit their businesses, so they could create their replica," Barenchik said, adding that all the buildings were placed on butcher paper, where the students then labeled the roads around Punxsutawney.

She said the students later used a matchbox car to demonstrate their directional skills to move from business to business to show how to follow a map and get around town.