Lindsey Kendra first honoree of Career Women's Week

Destiny Pifer
Staff Writer

(Editor’s Note: Each year, five women are chosen by the Punxsutawney Career Women’s Club for Career Women’s Week. The criteria used for choosing these women are based not only on their professional efforts, but also on the contributions they’ve made to community and family. The club was founded in 1930, originally known as Punxsutawney Business & Professional Women’s Club. On Sept. 8, 1998, the club name was changed and incorporated as a non-profit organization under the name of the Punxsutawney Career Women’s Club, with objectives to promote growth and respect of women in the workplace; improve self-esteem in all careers; educate women; and support community projects. This article is Part I in a five-part series.)
Every year, the Career Women’s Club chooses women its members feel have contributed to the community. This year, one of those women is Lindsay Kendra.
When asked how she feels about being chosen, Kendra said, “It’s nice to be chosen by a group of women in our community who do so much to keep it thriving.”
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