Leaf collection runs until Nov. 12 in Punxsy borough

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Haven’t raked your leaves for collection yet? That’s OK; borough residents have until next Friday, when the collection ends.

Roger Steele, chairman of the Public Works Committee, announced at Tuesday’s meeting that the collection continues on schedule at this time, and Borough Manager Ben White said crews hope to have all leaves collected by Friday, Nov. 12.

“Those frosty nights we’ve been experiencing knocked most of the leaves onto the ground this past week,” White said.

Any borough residents who are unable to have their leaves raked to the curb by the end of the leaf collection schedule should contact the borough office for more information.

In past years, residents who hadn’t had their leaves picked up before the deadline were required to place them in bio-degradable paper bags.

Also at Tuesday’s Public Works meeting:

• Steele reported that the bids for the Torrence Street widening project have been let, and that construction should begin in spring.

White said Palo Construction was the low bidder on the project. The firm has worked on a majority of the bridge projects throughout the county this past construction season, including the Route 119 Bridge reconstruction project that was recently concluded.

The borough is still waiting for Palo to provide its insurances and bonds for the project.

Committee member Susan Glessner asked if the borough has any control over the types of vehicles that would be permitted to travel on the street once the widening project is completed.

White replied that Torrence is a borough street, and crews have the right to restrict the weight and types of vehicles that are permitted to travel on the street.

• Steele said the Route 36 Sawmill Run Bridge Project, located adjacent to Rumors and the former Goss Gas building, has been scheduled for replacement.

He said PennDOT wants to know if council would like to have the bridge closed and replaced all at once, or do it in halves such as the Route 119 bridge project.

Steele recommended do it half-and-half, with the installation of a temporary traffic signal.

“I don’t think we can afford to have that closed due of the businesses located in the West End,” he said. “There’s no way of reaching them. Pine Street doesn’t cross Sawmill Run.”

White added that if the bridge were closed, it would hinder response by the Lindsey Fire Company and Jefferson County EMS to the West End.

• Steele said Public Works is ready for the winter weather, while White said stockpiles of salt and anti-skid are filled and ready.

He also said the borough was unable to purchase a new dump truck for winter to replace a former PennDOT truck purchased through the state several years ago.

White said council has put that item into next year’s budget, and that the old truck is in service and ready for winter.

• White said PennDOT denied a request for a mirror at the Cherry Street and North Findley Street intersection. The installation of a mirror requires PennDOT approval because Findley Street is a state route.

• As reported Wednesday, the transfer of millage from the recreation fund to the library fund was only 0.15 mills, which amounts to $11,000, not 1.5 mills.

Council is transferring the funds to offset the state funding cuts that were made to all libraries, including the Punxsutawney Memorial Library.