'Just me doing nails:' Grisso living out lifelong dream with her own shop

ANITA – Many would say that it's a lifelong dream to one day be their own boss and do exactly what they've always loved doing. Jamie Grisso, former California resident and current Anita resident, is among those. And now, she can say she's living that dream.

Last week, Grisso started her own business – Atlantis Nail Spa – at 258 Main St. in Anita, right beside the post office.

Grisso said that her journey to the Punxsutawney area had no set plan, and that she just sort of ended up here.

“I've been doing nails since 1985,” she said. “I'm from California, and I've been here for five years now. There's no reason in particular that
I moved here; it just kind of happened.”

Grisso, who has been known for her work at Tricia's Hair Affair, said she'll still work there a few days a week.

“I do still work at Tricia's Hair Affair Tuesday and Thursday mornings,” she said. “But I just wanted to have my own place for so long. Everybody wants to be their own boss, right? As long as you can get yourself up in the morning and get to work, and it keeps you happy, that's what matters.”

One of the main motivators to take the big step and start her own nail spa comes from a family tie, she said.

“The main reason I decided to do it was my kids being home and getting into their teens,” she said. “I didn't really want them home by themselves. It's always been a dream to have my own place, so I figured, 'Why not go for it?'”

Grisso's specialty is hand-painted nails – an art form she said she truly enjoys despite the fact that technology has provided machines that will do the art.

“I do lots of nail art,” she said. “I love a challenge, and I just paint them right on there. There is such a thing as a nail printer. You stick your hand in there, and it prints them right on your nails. But I just like to paint them on by hand. It gives it a bit of a personal touch.”

In addition to the nails and other options she offers now, Grisso also looks to add a tanning salon to her shop in the future.

“I do hope to have tanning,” she said. “We have two more rooms here, and I was an assistant at a tanning shop in Fresno when I lived out there.”
Grisso said one of the things that excites her most about having her own shop is being able to set the mood and make it a comfortable place for her customers.

“I like people to come in, be themselves and be comfortable,” she said. “They can have a cup of tea or coffee or soda and just chit-chat in a safe place. It's an environment thing. I do want to have unbeatable prices. My prices will be lower than I've had in the past. So hopefully, that keeps it fun for folks. I really just like to see people happy.”

In addition to her regular services, going above and beyond is another element Grisso hopes to add to her business with it being operated right out of her home.

“I have gift certificates; I have pedicures; I use all top-quality products,” she said. “I'm willing to work Sundays and Mondays. I don't mind if someone smudges a nail or something.

They can just come over, and I can fix it. That's the convenience of it right there. People won't need to feel like they're putting me out if they have a nail emergency. We'll have a beachy theme... casual, simple, nothing fufu. It's just me doing nails.”

For appointments or more information, contact Grisso at Atlantis Nail Spa, 258C Main St., Anita, PA or at 618-5590.