Jefferson County Jaguars vs. Mifflin County Tomahawks

0514 -- John Davis0503 -- Celebrating a Timko TD0558 -- Offensive Front0635 -- Troy O'Brien0844 -- John Davis & Mike Duke0964 -- Garrett Timko TD Run0883 -- Perry Arrington0877 -- Dane Bright & Perry Arrington celebrate a TD0461 -- Troy O'Brien0446 -- Dane Bright0171 -- Defensive Front0161 -- Jaryd Servidea0159 -- Perry Arrington0216 -- Dane Bright hauls in a TD0240 -- John Davis & Josh Neal0417 -- Mike Duke0403 -- John Davis0388 -- Dane Bright0093 -- Captains Meeting

On Saturday, April 7, the Jefferson County Jaguars squared off with the Mifflin County Tomahawks at Harmon Field in Punxsutawney.

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