Jeff Tech works out $7.3 million budget

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP — The Jeff Tech Operating Committee at a recent meeting approved the proposed $7.3 million budget for the 2011-12 school year, which includes some major reductions or the freezing of certain categories of spending.

Sherry Hassleman, Jeff Tech business manager, presented the budget and said that 81 percent of the budget is salaries and benefits, while 94 percent of the costs are fixed and can't be changed, since they are needed to run the school.

Jeff Tech does not pay into the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS), Hasselman said. Instead, PSERS funding is included in budgets of school districts who send students to Jeff Tech, she said.
Hasselman said as far as hospitalization is concerned, the consortium the school has partnered with has kept the cost of insurance down.

Hasselman said there will be approximately $65,000 in decreased grant funding that will be eliminated at the end of this school year.

There were several budgeted items that were either removed or reduced in the proposed budget by the administration, she said, including a portion of driver education-behind the wheel instruction; one support staff position; a reduction in the workdays of three instructional aides; elimination of the school physician; reduction in budgeted travel and trips; reduction in budgeted text and supplies; and cuts in all budgeted equipment.

Hasselman said she hopes to use the capital reserve fund to purchase equipment in the future.

Nearly 74 percent of Jeff Tech's budget is funded by the sending districts; seven percent is debt service which is also paid by the districts; 6.9 percent is Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN); 5.81 percent is grant funding; and 1.42 percent is adult education.

"We don't have a fund balance to fall back on like the home schools do," Hasselman said. "We can't use it as a budgeting tool, because we've reached the threshold of what we can transfer into the general fund."
Following the budget discussion, the committee voted to approve the proposed 2011-12 budget in the amount of $7,372,313 to be advertised and forwarded to the sending school boards for its review and placed on public display in preparation for board adoption by mail ballot May 23.
Marsha Welsh, Jeff Tech director, said the budget that was approved is preliminary and will not be official until approved by all four of the sending districts.

Also at the meeting the committee:

• Approved Jeff Tech's revised 2010-11 calendar and recommended that Jeff Tech's graduation date be Wednesday, June 1.

• Approved a software maintenance agreement for 2011-12 with Weidenhammer Systems Coporation for their ALIO Financial and Human Resources software in the amount of $5,998 which is an increase of $547 over last year.

• Approved a five-year agreement with IU13 Technology Services to provide Jeff Tech with school Microsoft Licensing.

The estimates over the five years are: Year One — $5,859.18; years two and three — $6,493.60; years four and five — $6,771.48.

Pricing is based on actual student and staff members licensed and represents substantial savings compared to prior-year licensing fees.
• Approved a resolution to allow Jeff Tech to participate in a joint cooperative purchasing program with ARIN IU.

Jeff Tech will be required to pay $210 in administrative fees set forth by the ARIN IU for participation in the paper bid.

• Approved an agreement with Dr. Kris Juffer, Action Research & Associates, Inc., to serve as the external evaluator for the National Science Grant.

The cost to Jeff Tech will be 15 percent of the total ITEST grant funding (the maximum of which is expected to be $1.3 million over three years), with an additional 2.3 percent to the total award for three years for ongoing consulting and support.

The payment for Dr. Juffer would be contingent upon receipt of the funds.
• Authorized the director to extend vacation allowances for the 2010-11 school year to staff members through Aug. 26 as needed.

• Approved three additions to the substitute teacher list, David Boboige (occupational), DuBois; Megan Posteraro (academic), DuBois; and Jody Muth (academic), DuBois.

• Approved these additions to the Protective Services Occupational Advisory Committee, David Kostok, Punxsutawney and Valerie Zents, Brookville.