Jeff Tech talks details of two-hour delays

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP — With the cold and snowy weather lately, the subject of school being cancelled or delayed has become a hot topic in several of the school districts that make up the Jeff Tech Operating District.

The Brookville Area School Board recently discussed the possibility of eliminating with two-hour delays, because some believe they disrupt the educational process too much due to the shortened class schedules.
Marsha Welsh, Jeff Tech director, explained how decisions on weather cancellations and delays are made at Monday’s Jeff Tech Operating Committee meeting.

“When we make a decision on canceling or delaying school, we try to do whatever two of our districts are doing,” Welsh said, adding that if two districts close and two stay open, Jeff Tech usually closes.

“There were circumstances last Friday, Sandy (Craft, Brookville Superintendent) had to make the decision to close after DuBois and Punxsy buses were already on the road, and we made the decision to stay open,” Welsh said. “They are our two largest schools, and that wouldn’t be fair to cancel and have those districts have to figure out what to do with our students.”

Welsh added that there are no policies or guidelines mandating how to handle delaying or closing classes for the day.

“We try to do what two districts are doing, but it’s not always possible,” she said. “We’re anxiously waiting to see what the Brookville district is going to do in regards to the two-hour delays,” Welsh continued. “The administrators of all four of the districts (in Jeff Tech) discuss the weather conditions early in the morning,
d decide on what action that each district is going to take.”

Also at Monday’s meeting, the committee voted to approve:

• The Root, Spitznas and Smiley’s single audit for the year ending June 30.

• A one-year service agreement from March 1 to Feb. 28, 2012, with ASCC for the Rauland printer in the amount of $1,627.

• A 60-month lease with XEROX per the state contract for a copier/printer. The monthly cost will be reduced from $1,564.20 to $1,410.77 with the purchase of the new copier.

• The flexible services program, which will be offered to the employees at no cost to the school through the PSEA health and welfare fund.

• Angela Dragich as a temporary art appreciation/graphic communications instructor for the remainder for the 2010-11 school year.

• The retirement of Sharon Laney, practical nursing coordinator, effective Sept. 9, 2010; and to authorize the committee chairperson to sign any necessary papers to that effect.

• The search for a Practical Nursing Coordinator.

• A contract with Dave Sevin as a consultant for computer services, if needed, at the rate of $35 per hour.