It's that time of year for cookie lovers

By Jennifer Barr
Of The Spirit

PUNXSUTAWNEY โ€” For many, a magical time has arrived once again this year, as boxes upon boxes filled with the famous Girl Scout cookies have been delivered.

Girl Scout cookies are much enjoyed by the community. However, selling them also teaches the girls who are involved in Girl Scouts basic but essential life lessons.

By going door-to-door selling cookies, girls learn communication and people skills in greeting potential costumers.
It also teaches them how to manage money and business ethics, and how to conduct themselves in a professional manner as representatives of their Girl Scout troop.

The sales also help girls build up motivation when setting and following through with goals.
This year, the Girl Scouts in Punxsutawney set a high-but-attainable goal of selling 140 boxes per girl. While the goal this year was half-met, the cookie sales were low, considering the low number of girls participating in the troop. However, there were 12 groups โ€” ranging from Daisies to Ambassadors โ€” who sold cookies around their community.

Like other years, customers sought Samoas and the Tagalongs for the most-sold cookies, but coming out on top this year were the Samoas.
Girl Scouts may also find motivation in prizes for their successful sales.

This year, the girls had much to strive for, as prizes included Wii games and attending camp free of charge. They also earn badges for selling cookies.

All proceeds from cookies sales are used for an end-of-the-year trip, as well as the awards girls receive for their hard sales efforts.
The girls are also accepting donations for their project, "Gift of Caring," which will allow them to buy cookies that they can donate to the food bank.

As for the cookies, they are still available by contacting Diane Oswalt at 938-3584.