It must be a sign! JOC hears case for school sign from metal fab students

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP — Two Jeff Tech students presented a mock-up for the proposed sign to be placed on the front of the school building at Monday's Joint Operating Committee (JOC) meeting.

Jeremy Fotta and Dylen Campbell, Jeff Tech metal fabrication students, presented the results of the research for the proposed sign as to what would be the least expensive and most feasible.

Campbell said it would cost $3,200 for aluminum, which would weigh approximately 900 pounds.

"The size of the sign would be 4 feet high and 20 feet in length," Campbell said, adding that the JOC could get the sign powder coated and give it some color.

He said he hoped the sign could be completed and put in place before the end of the school year.

Fotta said the life expectancy of the sign was at least 10 years, and it would be attached to the building with brackets that would not be visible.

Gary Conrad, JOC member, said a sign like that should last forever.

Dr. James Brown, JOC member, said that 900 pounds seems quite heavy.

Conrad asked if it could be powder coated and if school colors could be utilized in the design.

Fotta said color choice hadn't been discussed with Mrs. (Marsha) Welsh, director of the project.

John Kimmel, principal, congratulated the students on the fine job they did in creating the proposed sign.

Currently, there is no sign on the front of the school building.

Also, at Monday's meeting:
• Sherry Hasselman, Jeff Tech business manager, presented some preliminary information regarding the proposed 2013-14 budget.

"I've been running some preliminary numbers, and I'll present you more numbers in February. In March, the committee will vote to put it on display," Hasselman said.

She added that the numbers provided were the districts' share of the general fund budget.

Hasselman said the preliminary figures included the ATA program, a health insurance premium increase of 12 percent and a PESRS increase of 15.9 percent.

She said increases in the adult programs are not included in the regular Jeff Tech budget.

Conrad asked why there was a 41-percent increase in software.

Hasselman said the increase in software was due to the licensing fee for the purchase of the PLATO program, which is being utilized for an online Spanish course.

Conrad asked why there were no funds set aside in the budget to purchase shop equipment included.

Hasselman said the reasoning was that, the funding for equipment is taken from the capital projects fund budget.

Also, at Monday's meeting, the JOC voted to approve:

• The minutes from the Dec. 6, 2012 reorganization meeting and the financial reports.

• An agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Distribution, for receipt of USDA commodities through the National School Lunch Program.

• A 36-month agreement with Audatex for estimating and autosource software effective Feb. 1 for the collision technology program.

The first year is free. The cost for years two and three will be approximately $555.

• The business manager to enter into a natural gas contract with the DuBois Area School District when natural gas prices are favorable.

• An agreement of affiliation between Jeff Tech and the DuBois Nursing Home for the nurses’ aide training to begin March 4 for health-assisting students.