Indiana-PSP charges Blairsville woman, Homer City man in drug paraphernalia incident

Staff Writer

Indiana-based Pennsylvania State Police are investigating an incident whereby a 26-year-old male of Homer City and a 25-year-old female of Blairsville were attending a birthday party for a three-year-old child at the child's residence in Blairsville. Police did not release the identity of the suspects.

During the party, the male and female suspects both entered the bathroom inside the residence.

A person attending the party was alerted to their suspicious activity and forced open the bathroom door.

The male suspect was then alleged to be in possession of heroin-related paraphernalia. The female suspect allegedly then fled the scene and, on fleeing from the residence, knocking over the male victim, who was not injured.

Heroin-related paraphernalia was discovered at the residence upon arrival of police. Charges are pending.