Hotel parking lot could be affected when Players Bar Inc. construction begins

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The new owners of the site of the former Punxsutawney Hotel requested, at Monday's Punxsutawney Borough Council meeting, to temporarily close eight parking spaces in the Punxsy Hotel municipal parking lot in order to accommodate crews for the building of a new establishment.

Ebbie Mark, of Dobson Inc., contractor for the construction, spoke to
Council about closing the spaces during April or May in order to have the necessary area for the delivery of material during the construction of the new Players Bar Inc., which is going to be built on the lot where the Punxsy Hotel was located.

Mark said that it is going to be a steel building.

Larry Chenoga, council president, said he was under the impression that the building was going to be a concrete block building, not steel.

Mark said it is designed to be concrete eight feet up on all three sides and 12 feet up the front.

"It's basically steel construction, and I need the room on the side to unload the steel, where the parking lot is," Mark said, adding that he needs the areas where the meters are along the building accessible in order to set the steel after it's unloaded. He said the lot wouldn't need to be closed all of the time — just when he needs to work with the steel.

"By the time we get the steel ordered, it will not be earlier than April or May before we would receive delivery and begin installing the steel," he said.

Chenoga asked how long Dobson Inc. would need to use the parking lot.

Mark said it would take a day to unload the steel, and after that, most of the work can be done from inside the building.

"The hard part is putting the skin over the steel, which has to be done on the outside and should take two to three weeks," Mark said, adding that he doesn't want to close the whole parking lot.

Chenoga said he didn't want to hurt any of the businesses that depend on those parking spaces for their customers' parking.

"I've spent some time checking out how many vehicles use that lot during the day, and it is our busiest lot," Chenoga said. Chenoga also asked if the crews could work from 4 to 9 p.m. or when it's dark.

Mark said he can't get the same things done from 4 to 9 p.m. that he could get done from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Chenoga said that Borough Council will work with Dobson Inc. and that Mark should coordinate everything they are doing through Ben White, borough manager and Tom Fedigan, police chief. The other members agreed with Chenoga.

Also at Monday's meeting, council approved:

• The change of Council committee meeting dates from from the first Tuesday of every month to the first Monday, effective with the March 4 meeting to be held in council chambers.

• The COSTARS salt contract participation agreement.

According to the agreement: "The borough is required to purchase its required quantities of sodium chloride up to 140 percent of the tonnage requirements exclusively from the supplier.”

• Approved a request from the Punxsutawney Fire Department's Old Home Week Committee to hold its annual Firemen's Parade at 4 p.m. Saturday, from West Mahoning Street beginning at the Lindsey Fire Company and going to the Central Fire Department on East Mahoning Street at the intersection with Hampton Avenue and Front Street.