GPS units official, PRIDE requests funds for new position

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The GPS units that were purchased by Punxsutawney Borough Council have finally arrived and are ready to be installed in all four Punxsutawney Borough Police vehicles.

"Last week, Larry (Chenoga), Punxsutawney Borough Council president, and I completed the agreement with Wireless Matrix," said Tom Fedigan, Punxsutawney Borough Police chief at Monday's council meeting.

Fedigan said all that's left is to set up a time to have the GPS units installed in the four police vehicles.

Also at Monday's meeting, council:
• Voted against giving PRIDE $10,000 from the Economic Loan Fund to pay a downtown manager.

Eric Story, council member, said that it was a good idea, but that $10,000 was a lot of money and it's going to be utilized only in downtown.

Story made a motion which was seconded by Mike Porada, council vice president, to not give PRIDE the money.

Council approved the motion 4-1 with council members Story, Porada, Chenoga and Jaime Sherry voting in favor of not giving the money to PRIDE.

Bill Spencer, council member, voted no, which translates into a vote in favor of giving the money to the organization.

Council members Michelle Lorenzo and Toby Santik were absent from the meeting.

Chenoga said the money from the Economic Loan Fund can be used only to help businesses to expand and to create jobs in Punxsutawney.

There was no representative from PRIDE in attendance to discuss the request with the members of council.

• Council approved the 2013 borough tax budget with no tax increase.

The budget includes the following millage rates with each mill being the equivalent of $0.10 on each $100 of assessed valuation, all under the authority of the Local Tax Enabling Act:

• 10.0 mills for the Borough General Purpose Fund.

• 0.90 mills for the Fire Department Fund, which includes equipment operating expenses, public utilities for buildings and vehicle and equipment maintenance.

• 0.60 mills for the Library Fund, which is used to maintain maintenance and upkeep of the library.

• 0.15 mills for the Pension and Retirement Fund for borough employees.

• 0.15 mills for the Recreation Fund, which provides maintenance and upkeep of recreational facilities.

• 0.45 mills for the Street Improvement Fund, which makes improvements and maintains the roadways.

• 0.75 mills for the Street Light Fund, which makes sure streets, as well as highways, are well lit.

A breakdown of the 2013 Punxsutawney Borough Budget is as follows:

• Administration – $328,781
• Police Department – $737,458
• Codes and Zoning – $9,960
• Public Works Department – $292,480
• Special – $672,040
Total Expenditures and Revenues – $ 2,040,719

• Capital Improvement Account: Total balance and revenues – $ 44,325; total expenditures – $16,000 police dispatch and console; reserve– $28,325.

• Capital Reserve Account Police Department – Total balance and revenues – $9,779; total expenditures – $0; reserve – $9,779.

• Fire Department Fund – Total balances and revenues– $345,132; total expenditures – $85,000; reserve – $260,132.

• Library Fund – Total balances and revenues – $51,323; total expenditures – $51,300; reserve – $23.

• Motor Fund – Total balances and revenues – $163,839; total expenditures – $151,500; reserve – $12,339.

• Parking Revenue Fund– Total balances and revenues – $14,618; total expenditures – $2,300; reserve – $12,318.

• Pension and Retirement – Total revenues – $13,089; total expenditures – $12,900; reserve – $189.

• Recreation Fund – Total balance and revenues – $93,987; total expenditures – $10,400; reserve – $83,587.

• Street Improvements Fund – Total balance and revenues – $48,826; total expenditures – $36,000; reserve – $12,826.

• Street Light Fund – Total balance and revenues – $95,205; total expenditures – $70,000; reserve – $25,205.

Council approved Ordinance 1125, which permits the borough to levy taxes for 2013.