Goss celebrates 60th birthday by walking 60 miles

Rose James
Of The Spirit

If you were on the Mahoning Shadow Trail Tuesday, you may have seen John Goss — who, along with a walking/running buddy, could be seen traveling on the trail throughout the day to meet his birthday goal of 60 miles.

“What better way to be 60 than to run 60 miles with friends? So, at midnight, he started walking, and every hour on the hour, he does a three-mile loop,” Jeril Goss, John’s wife, said.

And that’s exactly what Goss did, as 20 of his friends or family members ran or walked the three-mile loop with him — starting at the Indiana Street Trailhead of the Mahoning Shadow Trail and walking to the turnaround point of the bridge over the Mahoning Creek, near the sewage treatment plant.

Planted near the bridge was a “Happy Birthday” sign on display for walkers to sign. John began his final loop at 7 p.m., finishing just after 8 p.m on Tuesday evening, only stopping for his dog Henry to take a swim in the creek.

Overall, the weather was perfect, and his goal of 60 miles on his 60th birthday was a success. Pictured above is Goss, front and center, with all of his friends and family who gathered at his garage on Indiana Street to celebrate the accomplishment.