Get Ready, get set, detour!

PUNXSUTAWNEY — If you enjoy a challenge when you drive, you might be looking forward to the detours that are coming, as two bridges will be replaced in Punxsutawney Borough this coming summer.

Those two bridges are the Saw Mill Run Bridge and the Route 119 Bridge and Route 310 Intersection improvement project in Elk Run.

Ben White, Punxsutawney Borough manager said at Monday’s Punxsutawney Borough Council meeting that he is waiting for information from the contractor, Palo Construction Inc., to make some changes to the sanitary sewer line and manhole as requested by them.

He said major work on the bridge and the detour will not start until about June.

White said at last week’s Public Works Committee meeting that Penelec will be relocating utility poles in the area in the coming weeks.

Design Project Manager, Mark Rozich, P.E. of PennDOT District 10-0, said the construction cost of the Elk Run Bridge replacement is $3.75 million, and the bid was advertised last September.

Deborah L. Casadei, M.B.A., public information and safety press officer of PennDOT District 10-0, said the project calls for the bridge on Route 119 to be replaced and will create additional turn lanes on 119 and Route 310, as well as including drainage improvements and sidewalk reconstruction.

Rozich said the project has started with the replacement of the railroad crossing at the Jenks Street intersection with Route 119.

Rozich said the detours for the bridge replacement will be via Route 36 to Cloe, and then over to Route 119 via Rikers Road.

White said that locals will probably user other routes instead of the official detour.

The bids for the Saw Mill Run Bridge construction will take place Thursday, Casadei said, adding that March 13 through March 19 is when the demolition of the old Rumors building and the construction and installation of a temporary pedestrian bridge will occur.

The old bridge will be demolished beginning July 5, with the detour in place. It will be Route 119 (Indiana Hill) south to Route 436 and then north to the five points intersection.

West Mahoning Street reopens to traffic Sept. 27, with the project to be completed by Oct. 3.