Following lengthy manhunt, suspect in custody, charged with attempted homicide

Staff Writer

In a release issued on Thursday morning, Punxsutawney-based Pennsylvania State Police announced that they were actively seeking the whereabouts of 39-year-old Ryan Dennis Snyder. On Wednesday (Sept. 11), Snyder was reported as fleeing from a domestic incident near Sandy Hill Road, Ringgold Township, Jefferson County, and police said that while fleeing, Snyder fired a gun into an occupied structure.

At the time of the release, police said he was also believed to still be in the area hiding within the surrounding woods near the Jefferson County and Armstrong County lines, but at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, police provided an update stating that he had been taken into custody.

While he was yet to be located, police said that patrol members and the State Police Special Emergency Response team were actively searching the area and that he was to be considered armed and dangerous. He had threatened suicide and also may have been injured at the time, the release said.

For precautionary reasons, the Punxsutawney Area School District had heightened security on its campus throughout the day on Thursday. Some practices and events were cancelled during the school day, but evening events and practices were held.

Online court documents, listing the case as inactive as of Thursday, included the following list of charges: one count of criminal attempt-murder of the second degree; one count of possession of a firearm prohibited (felony-two); one count of aggravated assault (felony-one); one count of burglary-overnight accommodations;
person present, bodily injure crime (felony-one); one count of strangulation (felony-two); one count of aggravated assault (felony-two); one count of criminal trespass-breaking into structure (felony-two); five counts of discharge of a firearm into occupied structure (felony-three); as well as misdemeanor charges of terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another (four counts), possession of instrument of crime with intent (one count), simple assault (two counts) and recklessly endangering another person (four counts).