Five years and still going strong: My Fair Lady marks anniversary today

PUNXSUTAWNEY — It would be fair to say that My Fair Lady in downtown Punxsutawney has had a fairly good run over the past five years.

"Today is our fifth anniversary, and it has been a very interesting five years of growth," said Bev Fairman, owner of My Fair Lady.

"We tried to keep the store to the period by retaining the original tin ceiling, which was covered by the suspended ceiling and actually helped to preserve it," Fairman said, adding that over the years, it could've been damaged if it had been exposed.

She described My Fair Lady as a gallery and gift store.

Fairman said the reason she has the store as a gallery is because she has consignments with local original artists — with pieces from about 80, 65 of which are local.

"It's pretty amazing; you would never believe with the vocations they have that they were artists in their spare time," she said.

"I was surprised that by writing checks every month, that at the end of the year, how much of that money returns to our local economy. I was pretty psyched about that," Fairman said, adding that they try to find merchandise created originally by artists.

She said she is trying to find merchandise with that kind of feel to it.

"I'm always in search of items that are good quality and made in America," she said. "I just picked up two new companies, Fenton Art Glass Of West Virginia was about to go out of business, and they are now doing beads with me.

“And the second was, with the Vera Bradley Co. being made in China, we picked up a spinoff company that is back in their factory to make Vera Bradley-like purses."

Fairman said she chose the spinoff company because it's regional and brought jobs back to a factory that had been closed.

"We have customers coming in and turning items over to see where they were made," she said. "People are being savvy on how they spend their money, (and to many) “Made in China” is a no, no."

"If I find an item that meets the criteria of being made in the USA, and it's well made, I try to bring it in," Fairman said, adding that she attends shows all over the country, especially in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and sometimes in Pittsburgh.

Fairman said the hours at My Fair Lady are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and Tuesday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

She invites everyone to stop in and celebrate her anniversary with her and her staff.