FCOG hosting first-ever back-to-school Free Clothing Days

Larry McGuire
Of The Spirit

If you're a fan of the Free Clothing Days initiative that has been held twice a year at First Church of God in Punxsutawney, then you'll enjoy a special back-to-school Clothing Days to be held this week.

Free Clothing Days Coordinator Shelley Rowan said that many people have suggested over the years that she hold a Free Clothing Days prior to school opening in the fall. She said that it will not be as big as the fall and spring clothing days.

"We're only going to use half of the gym for kindergarten through high school, which is sizes six to junior sizes," Rowan said, adding that she is going to throw in some adult sizes, as some high schoolers wear the adult sizes. She said they have a few shoes, socks, underwear, hoodies and lighter jackets.

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