Farewell to summer: School is officially back in session

Larry McGuire
Staff Writer

It was back to school on Tuesday for the Punxsutawney Area School District. Pictured are Jayden Vasbinder (left) and Paige Vasbinder, who enjoyed their first day of class at the Punxsutawney Area Elementary School (PAES) and the sunshine that went with it.

Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, superintendent, said he was out and about early in the day, walking around the campus greeting teachers, students and staff as lessons began at PAHS and PAES.

“It was a great start early in the morning; everything went well for the first day of classes,” Lesniewski said.

Lesniewski noted that he was in touch with Denise Geist, food service manager, who said things went well for that department for opening day.

He added that Paul Hetrick, transportation director, reported that things were good this morning, despite some minor problems, and some of the late-arrival students were because they were just entered into the system.