Elk Run says, trash or treasure? You can decide, starting today

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The tent is up, and the Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company’s Trash & Treasure Sale is ready to get underway beginning from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today through Sunday at 219 Elk Run Ave., next to the Elk Run Firehall in Punxsy.

Company member Patrick Meckley said the fire company has been accepting donations for the sale over the last several months, with the proceeds going toward the company’s truck fund for a new engine.

Meckley said all the company’s fund-raisers are for a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) that company members voted to pay for separately, in addition to the original truck specs.

Jennifer Slagle, who organized the sale, said people have been very generous with their donations.

There is a huge variety of items and donations are still being accepted up through tonight.

Some of the items include china, crystal, antiques and household items, Slagle said. Previously, she raised $1,000 for DuBois Hospice as part of her senior project, and hopes to do that well with this sale.

Slagle said interested buyers are asked to make an offer for an item, and ignore the price tags that may still appear on some items.

Elk Run Captain Doug McAfoos said the company recently learned that its new truck is now scheduled to arrive Friday, Sept. 23 — a week earlier than expected.

Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc., of Holden, La., was the low bidder at $372,509.

The truck is being built in Louisiana and contains a six-person cab, a 1,000-gallon water tank, a 30-gallon CAFS tank and a 1,500-gallon per minute Darly pump.

McAfoos said the chassis has already been constructed, and pictures of the truck will soon be viewable online.

Elk Run and firefighters from Central and Lindsey will receive training on how to operate the CAFS, which has become the latest tool in battling fires.

Currently, the Oliver Township and Big Run Fire companies are the only departments that have the CAFS in Jefferson County.

“We felt it was that important to have it on our newest truck, which is financed through the borough, that we said we’d pay for it ourselves, which is why we’re holding the sale this week,” McAfoos said.

Elk Run’s current engine, a 1981 Mack, will be taken out of service once the new engine arrives.

Anyone who would like to donate items to the sale may call 952-9609 or 952-9589.