Council OKs better signage for library

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Can’t find the Punxsutawney Memorial Libary and borough offices from the back parking lot of the Mahoning East Civic Center? You’re not alone.

Monday, Punxsutawney Borough Council approved a motion to improve the signage for the rear parking lot area of the Civic Center — especially for the library.

Library Director Coral Ellshoff said there are numerous complaints from people who have difficulty in locating the library’s entrance from the rear parking area.

She presented a computer-enhanced photo of where one of the signs should be placed as people exit the parking lot.

Barbara Burkett, of the library’s Board of Trustees, said she would like to see a good-size sign viewable from Union Street.

Library visitors pull into the parking lot behind the Mahoning East Civic Center and are not able to locate the entrance, Burkett said, adding that borough employees are asked many times as to the library’s location.

Ellshoff said the borough has provided a very beautiful space for the library in the Civic Center, but there should be more signage.

The library not only serves the borough, but also several townships and outlying areas —more than 13,000 people, she said.

“We are also a destination for tourists and visitors, not only from out of state, but also out of the country,” Ellshoff said. “Despite the Civic Center’s central location, it can be difficult to locate the library’s main entrance.”

Ellshoff said from Mahoning Street, drivers can see the large yellow letters over the doors, but not from the rear parking lot.

A library with such a large service area must be visible to newcomers to fulfill its mission, she said.

The library board wants to rectify this situation by paying for and installing a sign in the parking lot near the library.

Council member Larry Chenoga said council agrees with Ellshoff 100 percent that signage needs to be improved.

“Until you (Ellshoff) brought this to our attention, I had never thought about it,” Chenoga said, adding that council wants to go one step further and put signage up for the center’s offices, too.

Council President Susan Glessner adjourned the meeting to the rear parking area so the media, council members and the public could see first-hand where the new signs would be placed if approved.

Council member Roger Steele said he would like to see a sign placed under the out-cove under a light for patrons to see during the winter months when it is dark.

Following the recess, a motion was approved to place a sign on the back of the library, similar to the other signs on the building, and a directional sign for the library.

Glessner said council will have installed a directional sign on Union Street that will point to the location of all the offices in the civic center.

Also Monday, council:
• Tabled a request from Kevin Cielo to vacate an alley located near the Elk Run Car Wash and his property.

Solicitor Jay Lundy said it first has to be determined who owns the alley before it can be vacated.

• Approved a motion to install a storm sewer in the 200 block of Pine Street.

Council member Bill Spencer said since Pine Street was paved last year, whenever there’s a normal rainfall or snowfall, the water runoff can be ankle-deep at times.

Brian Sekula, borough engineer, said the current drains are located 750 feet apart, and that actually, there should be three drains in that area.
The motion called for the pipe to be run across the road to the main storm drain pipe and to install an inlet with two thumb pipes so more inlets could be added if need be in the future.