Contractor: Stadium project is wrapping up

Staff Writer

PUNXSUTAWNEY — After reports that the renovations on Jack LaMarca Stadium are running behind and that there is a possibility — however small it may be — of it not being done in time for the first home football game of the year, Dave Roman of Roman Excavating in Reynoldsville responded on Thursday by saying that the project scope — while it will be a few days behind the initial finish date — is not as dire as it seemed.

Roman, the general construction contractor on the project, said, "This coming Monday, they'll have their occupancy permit, and they can do whatever they want with the project. Everything will be completed on the job at that point, with the exception of the added change orders they put in more recently, within the last few weeks."

One of the reasons for the project not initially hitting the finish date of Aug. 15, Roman said, was that "it took up to three weeks for the board to decide what they wanted to do with the countertops. The ones they wanted, the color was going to be discontinued, so rather than give them a color that would be discontinued, they offered them another choice in case they wanted to add to them down the road. That was a three-week delay."

He also addressed a delay in completing the steel roof involved with the building at the stadium. "That delay was caused by production," he said. "In today's market, nobody keeps those things in stock, so everything is special-order. It was a phenomenal feat to get where it is right now up there. It'll be completed by Aug. 22, and it'll be very usable. That was never in doubt. The crews worked up there weekends and overtime hours to get to this point, and every contractor involved is extremely happy to have completed it in the timeframe we did."