Congrats to Punxsy's PJW Area V Qualifiers

While their varsity counterparts are competing at the state championships, Punxsy's next wrestling generation prepares for the Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Area V Tournament. The 13 Chucks qualifying for the PJW Area V will test their mettle on March 16 at Clarion University. Punxsy had seven of its Area V qualifiers hard at work in the high school wrestling room on Thursday in (front row, from left) Shaun Herndon (187/13- & 14-year-old), Blake Bizousky (212/13- & 14-year-old), Levi Campbell (147/13- &14-year-old); (back row) Conner Giavedoni (105/11- & 12-year-old), Dysen Gould (45/ 8 & under), Jacob Shuckers (115/11- & 12-year-old) and Zoie Smith (92/13- & 14-year-old). The other six Punxsy qualifiers unable to make the group shot include Ben Skarbek (65/9- & 10-year-old), Josh Miller (90/9- & 10-year-old), Brandon Ishman (95/9- & 10-year-old), Jake Skarbek (75/11- & 12-year-old), Dylan Ishman (115/11- & 12-year-old) and Ryan Jones (124/13- & 14-year-old).