Commissioners: No more building projects in 2011

BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Commissioners met Tuesday and discussed possible projects, or rather, a lack thereof, on the horizon in 2011.

The commissioners reported that there are no large scale projects involving county-owned property for the upcoming year.

The commissioners were forced to make emergency repairs to the courthouse, 911 center and jail this past year.

“Hopefully, we won’t have any more problems (with the buildings),” chairman Paul Corbin said. “I think we have gotten them to a point where they should be in good shape for 20 years or more. We will keep up on maintenance.”

Commissioner Jeff Pisarcik noted that the county may look into purchasing buildings in Reynoldsville and Punxsutawney. He said district justices in those towns currently occupy offices that are rented, and the county may be interested in owning the offices.

“The justices will not be changing towns,” Pisarcik said. “We may possibly move them within those boroughs, though.”

In other business:

• The Jefferson County History Center received an unexpected gift Tuesday at the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting.

Paul Roman, president of Francis J. Palo Inc., the construction company that completed the Blake’s Bridge replacement project on East Main Street, presented a commemorative plaque that was imbedded in the concrete of the old bridge.

The plaque, dated from the mid-1920s, was given to Ken Burkett, director of the Jefferson County History Center. The plaque includes the names of the county commissioners who approved the project.

“A lot of times, when we replace a bridge, it is written in the contract who a plaque should go to,” Roman said. “There was nothing written, so we’re turning it over to the Jefferson County History Center.”

Burkett was on hand and carried the plaque out of the meeting.

• The commissioners entered into a legal services contract with Gregory M. Bazylak to discharge the duties of assistant public defender for 2011.

Bazylak will be paid $28,000 for those services.

• Similarly, the commissioners entered into a legal services contract with C. Scott Allen to carry out the duties of assistant public defender. Allen will be paid $24,000.

• The commissioners approved the financing of capital expenditures for the DuBois Regional Medical Center project on behalf of the county. The motion was needed to comply with the Internal Revenue Code and does not constitute or impose any liability on the county for repayment of the project.

• The commissioners moved to allocate $55,302 to the Area Transportation Authority as part of a state match-funds program.

• The commissioners approved the actual gross payroll for the period of Dec. 5 through Dec. 18 in the amount of $181,844.85 and the tentative payroll for the period of Dec. 19 though Jan. 8, 2011, in the amount of $195,000.

• The commissioners approved the payment of invoices for the period of Dec. 15 through Dec. 28 in the amount of $892.609.48 and pending invoices in the amount of $59,838.90.