Comcast’s digital upgrade is here

PUNXSUTAWNEY —There’s bad news and good news for basic and standard Comcast cable customers today.

The bad news is, if you did not upgrade to digital cable already, you may have awoke this morning to find that half of your channels disappeared overnight.

The good news is, it’s easy to get them back with a digital upgrade.

Bob Grove, public relations and community affairs director for Comcast Cable Keystone Region, said Comcast’s digital upgrade, “A World of More,” has come to fruition.

“Delivering channels via digital format is a more efficient use of the existing cable infrastructure,” Grove said. “By re-allocating analog channels to exclusive digital delivery, Comcast is able to triple the space on its network to give customers more HD channels and OnDemand, as well as much faster Internet service.

He said Comcast has been introducing the service across the United States and Pennsylvania in the last year or so, and that this change will deliver Comcast’s programming to customers digitally.

“That means that customers must have digital equipment to view their lineups,” he said. “The majority of our customers in Punxsutawney are already digital, which means they have a digital converter box in their home.”

Grove said those who are not digital will have to get new equipment to get their lineups.

“We are giving them the equipment at no additional cost, up to three pieces,” he said. Customers who are already digital are eligible for two digital adapters.

“The digital adapters are much smaller than the digital set top box and are about the size of two decks of playing cards sitting next to each other,” Grove said. “For a digital customer, these would be for their second and third sets.

“As soon as they hook those up, they’ll receive 30 additional channels,” he said. “The digital adapters are not HD devices, but they will bring them 30 additional channels.”

Grove said anyone who would like to have HD channels should call Comcast to request that type of service. Punxsutawney customers already have 50 HD channels available.

Standard cable customers who receive an analog signal directly to their TV set without a Comcast converter will also need to obtain digital equipment.

“They’ll receive one converter box and two digital adapters, which are very easy to hook up and come with very clear instructions,” Grove said. If someone needs assistance, Comcast will install it, but the standard installment charge would apply.

Basic cable customers are eligible for three digital adapters.

Grove noted that there’s no additional cost for any of this equipment.

“Digital and standard cable customers will receive 30 additional channels on their TV sets once they hook the equipment up,” he said. Basic cable customers will receive 14 additional channels.

Grove said Comcast has been sending mail regarding the changes for several months now.

“We’ve been proactively reaching out to customers and running scrolls at the bottom of the screen on some channels,” he said.


Missing some Comcast channels today? Here’s how to get them back:

• Customers should call toll free at 1-877-634-4434, and Comcast will ship the equipment to their homes for free.

• Order online at

• Visit Comcast’s service center at 219 North Findley St., Punxsy.


• Digital cable — Receive two digital adapters.

• Standard cable — Receive one set top box and two digital adapters.

• Basic cable — Receive three digital adapters.