Code of Ethics

This handbook does not include every detail or situation involved in the operation of the Borough of Punxsutawney.

It aims at the presentation of overall policy guidelines.

The borough will issue more specific and detailed information as needs or circumstances dictate. In no instance, however, will the borough rules and regulations take precedence over the policy contained herein.

A. General Responsibility of the Borough of Punxsutawney Employees
Consistent with the responsibility of all employees in the borough of Punxsutawney to perform their duties with integrity and impartiality and to avoid situations hereby bias, prejudice, or person gain could influence official decisions, the following code is being promulgated.

1. Discrimination
The responsibility of all borough employees is to act in relation to all citizens of the borough without regard to age, race, color, ancestry, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, non-job related handicap, or political beliefs. This necessarily includes the residents and fellow employees with whom we work. All employes are expected to fully comply with the Borough of Punxsutawney policy prohibiting sexual harassment.

2. Conflicts of Pecuniary Interest
No department employee shall engage directly or indirectly in any personal business transaction or private arrangements for person profit which accrues from or is based upon his/her official position or authority.

3. Representation of Interests
No department employee shall represent or act as an agent for any private interest, whether compensable or not, which could be reasonably expected to result in a conflict between the private interest of the employee and his official borough responsibility.

4. Gifts and Favors
Employees and their families shall not directly or indirectly solicit, accept, or agree to accept any gift or money or goods, loans or services for person benefit which would influence the performance of their work duties or decision making.

5. Information
No Borough employee shall, for personal gain or for the gain of others, use information not available to the public at large, of divulge confidential information without its authorized release; nor shall the employee receive compensation for consultation which substantially draws upon official ideas or data which have not been disclosed to the public.

6. Private Employment
No borough employee shall engage in or accept private employment or render private services when such employment or service is incompatible or in conflict with the discharge of the employee's independent judgment or action in the performance of his/her duties. Requests for outside employment must be made in compliance with the Supplementary Employment and the department head.

B. Specific Rule and Regulations — Borough of Punxsutawney

1. Each employee in the Borough system is expected to subscribe to the principle that something positive can be done for each resident. This principle is to be applied without exception.

This involves an intelligent, humane and impartial treatment of all citizens. Profanity directed to citizens or vengeful, brutal, or discriminatory treatment of citizens will not be tolerated. Corporal punishment shall not be utilized under any circumstances.

2. Only the minimum amount of force necessary to defend oneself or others, to prevent escape, to prevent serious injury or damage to property or to quell a disturbance or riot will be used,. Excessive force, violence or intimidation will not be tolerated. Fighting or horseplay while on duty is prohibited.

3. The personal property of citizens will be handled with extreme care and disposed of only by properly designated authority in a manner designated by official policy. Similarly, no employee may assume the right of ownership of property owned by fellow employees, the Commonwealth, the borough or citizens; theft or abuse of property or equipment is prohibited.

4. No employee shall leave his assigned post or leave the complex without being properly relieved and receiving proper authorization from a supervisor. Proper relief involves communicating any special observations or orders to the relief personnel.

5.Lawful orders by a supervisor to a subordinate must be executed promptly and faithfully by the subordinate even though the employee may question the wisdom of such order. The privilege of formally appealing the order may be done at a later date through either the supervisory command structure, civil service appeal or the grievance machinery.

6. Employees are expected to treat their peers, supervisors and the general public with respect and conduct themselves properly and professionally at all times; unacceptable conduct or insolence will not be tolerated.

7. All facility keys issued to employees will remain in their possession at all times. Under no circumstances are keys ever to be unguarded, mislaid, unaccounted for, taken from the civic center or turned over to a citizen.

8. Employees in uniform are required to keep said uniforms in a clean and neat condition, free from decoration, other than those officially prescribed. Non-uniformed employees will be required to meet the standards of neatness and grooming as established by the department.

9. Employees may use their identification as an employee of the borough only for identification in performing the duties and responsibilities required in the scope of their employment. Borough identification will not be used where an employee may have other employment or in representing other interests.

10.Employees will promptly report to their supervisor any information which comes to their attention and indicates violation of the law, rules, and/or regulations of the Borough of Punxsutawney by either an employee or an resident, and will maintain reasonable familiarity with the provisions of such directives.

11. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances shall not be carried, stored, or consumed on borough property or in any borough vehicle. When a controlled substance or no propriety drug is prescribed by a physician, the employee shall immediately notify his/her supervisor and obtain prior written approval to bring the medication on to borough grounds. Such medication must always be kept under the secure control of the employee. An employee shall not report for duty in an unfit condition.

12. Personal weapons shall not be brought onto borough property without the advanced approval of the Mayor.

13. Employees shall not testify in any civil case in which the borough my have an interest without informing the mayor, unless under court order.

14. An employee shall not use a Borough vehicle for personal business or for any other reason except as authorized. When in an accident while operating a borough vehicle, all employees will promptly notify their supervisor, report the accident to the Punxsutawney Police Department or if the accident occurred outside the borough report the accident to the Pennsylvania State Police.

15. Employees shall not read books, magazines, newspapers, or other non-job related printed material while on official duty. Employees are required to remain alert while on duty; inattentiveness, sleeping or the appearance thereof is prohibited.

16. Whenever a supervisor has reasonable grounds to believe that an employee is being influenced by a medical or psychiatric condition which is effecting or is likely to effect the employee's ability to perform assigned duties, the supervisor shall direct such employee to undergo reasonable examination, at the expense of the borough, to determine the employees fitness for duty.

An employee who has sustained an injury, illness, or any other condition incurred in the line of duty which could affect the employee's ability to perform assigned duties may be required by the Mayor or supervisor to undergo reasonable examination, at the expense of the borough, to determine the employee's fitness for duty.

An employee who has suffered an injury, illness, or any other debilitation condition not incurred in the line of duty which could affect his/her ability to perform required duty assignments, may be required by the supervisor to obtain and submit a complete medical report from his/her physician concerning his/her physical and/or mental condition.

The report shall include a detailed explanation and prognosis of the employee's explanation and prognosis of the employee's injury, illness, or condition and any other pertinent information which would aid the borough in evaluation the situation prior to the employee's return to duty.

17. An employee who knows that he/she will be unable to report for duty due to illness, emergency, or injury shall immediately notify his/her supervisor in accordance with their local policy, advising the supervisor of the nature of the injury, emergency, or illness; the expected date of return to duty.

The supervisor shall also be advised of change in any conditions which may occur after the original notification was given. An employee injured while on duty shall report such injury to his/her supervisor as soon as possible and shall comply with the provisions of existing regulations pertaining to such injuries.

An employee who becomes ill while on duty and finds it necessary to be relieved from an assigned post or duty shall report this fact to his/her immediate supervisor.

18. An employee shall submit any necessary and /or requested work related reports in a timely manner and in accordance with existing regulations. Reports submitted by employees shall be truthful and no employee shall knowingly enter or cause to entered any inaccurate, false, or improper information or data, or misrepresent the facts in any Department record or report.

19.During off-duty hours, employees will conduct themselves in such a manner so as to demonstrate the public's trust and confidence inherent in their position as a public servant. Any conduct which brings discredit to their profession, responsibilities, the Borough of Punxsutawney, or public service at large shall be subject to immediate discipline.

20. All employees shall participate in training that is mandated or required by the borough.

21. Gambling on official duty is strictly prohibited.

22. All employees have the responsibility to provide their supervisor with their current address and telephone number.

23.All employees shall comply and cooperate with internal investigations conducted under the authority of the borough and respond to questions completely and truthfully. Procedure in cases that may result in criminal prosecution will include those rights accorded to all citizens of the Commonwealth.

24.All employee's are required to report citizen abuse complaints or incidents to their immediate supervisor.


These rules and regulation have been written in the best interest of the Borough of Punxsutawney, its employees and the public which we serve and protect. In event of a conflict involved in interpretation, the best interest of the public policy shall be served.

Any employee who violates the provisions of this code shall be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the appointing authority. Nothing herein shall abridge the remedies or responsibilities of employees covered by the Civil Service Act, applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements, Governor's Code of Conduct, #1980-18, or the laws of the Commonwealth.