Class of 2011 kicks off 60th anniversary of Variety Show

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Much anticipation has been building as the PAHS Class of 2011 prepares to present the 60th Variety Show, this year titled “Long Live Our Dreams.”

As everyone from the senior class is able to come together in one of the last activities as a group, the 2011 Variety Show will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the PAHS auditorium.

Throughout the nights, the audience will view 12 skits, including “Beiber Fever,” “Phil Club” and a ballet dance that show the seniors have dedicated much of their time and efforts to performing.

The directors for the Variety Show — executive director Hannah Neal, art director Tyler Kuntz and technical director Mason Stiver — were chosen by the class officers, who must pick three people they believe will be able to manage the entire class and make decisions.

Hannah Neal was chosen this year as the executive director.

“It is a lot more work than I have anticipated,” Neal said, adding that she believes the Class of 2011 has so much talent to showcase, and knows that the show will be a huge success.

Neal described her role in the Variety Show as organizational. She said it was difficult at first to summarize everyone’s input — taking the good and leaving out the bad — but allowing everyone to have a part of their show.

Neal said she feels the best part of the Variety Show this year is how she could feel the whole class coming together.

Stiver said he feels this is a great honor to be elected as one of the directors for the 60th anniversary show, and that his duty as technical director is a great experience and will help his future band career.

Stiver is responsible of coordinating work backstage.

“I didn’t expect the technical issues, of making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time, that can be very challenging,” he said.

Overall, Stiver said he believes that everyone has worked so hard and has brought many hidden talents to the show.

Kuntz, art director, has worked with a small art committee, but had merely a week to draw up the designs, and only three weeks to put them together.

He has dedicated much of his time to the art committee, as it crafts many homemade props, including — but not limited to — many superhero props and counting sheep props that will be displayed during the show.

“The auditorium will be like waking into a dream — the senior’s dream,” Kuntz said.

Proceeds from the annual Variety Show go toward the Margaret C. Boles Scholarship Foundation and the seniors’ all night party following commencement.