This Saturday, 32 former Punxsy Chucks football players spanning 20 years — from the Class of 1991 to the Class of 2011 — will play in a full-contact alumni game against rival Brookville at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Jack LaMarca Stadium in Punxsutawney. The game was organized by Alumni Football USA, which organizes approximately 300 games each year across the country, according to Pennsylvania director Robert Bishop. Pictured is the Alumni Team (front, from left): Zak Dickey (Class of 2011), Scott Umbaugh (Class of 1992), Austin Furman (Class of 2008), Randy Young (Class of 1990), Matt Kengersky (Class of 1996), Bill Cuba (Class of 1995), Dustin Guidash (Class of 2003), Brad Powell (Class of 2006); (second row) Joel Doty (Class of 1998), Josh Straitiff (Class of 2001), Jason Greenblatt (Class of 1990), Justin Cressley (Class of 2004), Kory Blose (Class of 2003), Duell Thompson (Class of 2011), Mike Porada (Class of 1996), Michael Cressley (Class of 1999); (third row) David Juart (Class of 1998), David Rotsch (Class of 1997), Jeremy Falgout (Class of 2006), Ben Bishop (Class of 1995), Mike Duke (Class of 1997), Justin Doty (Class of 1994); (back row) Greg Stouffer (Class of 1991), Tiger Perry (Class of 1990), Joe Brosius (Class of 2002) and Todd Martino (Class of 2003). Missing from the photo are Mike Stewart (Class of 2001), Tige Woodson (Class of 2011), Ian Weaver (Class of 2011), Jason Jacobson (Class of 1996), Tom Bray (Class of 1993), Brandon Weaver (Class of 2003) and coaches Tim Zimmerman and Gary Juart.