Big Run not likely to hire part-time police officer

BIG RUN — Big Run Council received word at Monday's meeting that the chances of hiring a part-time police officer for the borough are pretty slim.

Big Run Mayor Joe Buterbaugh said that he spoke with Sykesville borough officials, and that the only thing they could help Big Run with is selling the borough a used police cruiser.

Buterbaugh said it's quite expensive to hire an officer.

"We'd be only foolish to think we can afford one," Buterbaugh said, adding that to begin with, the borough would have to pay for the officer to go through approximately 800 hours of training.

"After you pay for that, we'd have that person for about a year, because we wouldn't be able to pay him or her that much," he said. "By the end of the first year, they'd be gone."

Buterbaugh said all council would like to do is stop motorists from driving 60 mph through the borough.

Nick Lantz, council president, said there has to be some type of assistance out there to help small boroughs to hire a police officer.
"I know the economy is tough, but there are other municipalities who are obtaining funding for various projects," Lantz said. "We'll just have to keep looking for funding, there has to be some kind of grant available to help the borough with hiring a part time police officer.

Also, at Monday's meeting, council:

• Approved a motion for council member Rick Rinehart to purchase an inline compact garbage disposal at a cost of $180.

Denise Elliott, council member, voted against the purchase.

Lantz said that maintenance man Marlin Rearick was to install the disposal in the kitchen of the Big Run War Memorial as soon as it's purchased.

• Approved a motion to purchase and install six new posts for the fence around the ball field at Veterans' Park at a cost not to exceed $250.

• Approved the lease agreement with Jefferson County to hold the election Tuesday, Nov. 8, at the War Memorial as a precinct.

• Approved a motion to approve all of the borough's insurance policies with an increase of $50.

• Approved a motion to hold a budget meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 7.

In other business:

• Rinehart said that Rearick would install the new light fixture for the front of the War Memorial.

It's cheaper to purchase a whole new light than to buy new ballasts for the old fixtures, he said.

• Lantz said he ordered a case of calcium flakes and a case of salt for the upcoming winter season from Frank Roberts & Sons Wholesale Inc.

The price of salt went up $1 per bag, while the calcium went down $2 per bag, Lantz said, adding that he told Rearick to get another ton of anti-skid.

The warehouse needs two days notice before the materials are picked up.

• John Niver, council member, said anyone caught putting substances that are banned by the Big Run Muncipal Authority (BRAMA) into the sewer system will be punished with the maximum penalty of $2,500.

Niver said there was an incident where some one put a forbidden substance into the sewer system, and the substance which tracked to the location that it came from.

• Niver said that all of the handicapped accessibility signs were put in place at the War Memorial Monday.

• Buterbaugh said that Trick-or-Trick will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31.

Trick-or-Treaters may go only to houses that have porch lights on.

• Niver said he received two calls within the last month in regard to several juveniles who were in violation of the curfew and hanging out until 2 a.m. on Main Street.

Lantz said Niver should call Brunner and tell him where this is occurring and he'll investigate it.

• Elliott said that she is awaiting the account numbers in order to have the water shut off at Veteran's Park.

She said she'll purchase the RV anti-freeze which is to be put into the drains at the ball field.

• Council accepted the resignation of Brian Early as a Big Run auditor.

• Dave London, Big Run resident, thanked council for allowing his girls' tournament softball team to practice at the Veterans' Park ball field this past summer, and gave council a donation.

The next Big Run Council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 21 at the Big Run War Memorial.

Monday's meeting was held upstairs in the gymnasium to allow for better handicap accessibility.