Big Run borough to help maintain cemetery

BIG RUN — Big Run Borough Council agreed to assist the McClure Cemetery Association with paving and maintenance during Monday's council meeting.

Tom Berryhill, member of the McClure Cemetery Association, said there was a ditch that needed cleaned out, and the road needs oiled and to be chipped or paved.

Bob Buffington, former council member, said he believed an ordinance already exists that indicates the borough will take care of the cemetery and the road.

"We considered it to be a borough street and took care of the plowing during the winter," Buffington said.

Mayor Joe Buterbaugh said he thinks that Union Street may be ordained only up to the curve, not all the way up to the cemetery.

Buterbaugh said whether or not the road maintenance is covered by liquid fuels funds, it should be maintained by the borough since it's located in the borough.

Councilman John Niver said the borough could clean out the ditch and use the millings from the bridge to pave the road.

A motion to clean the ditch and pave the road with millings was approved.
Berryhill said he wanted to thank council for its help on behalf of those who have loved ones interred in the cemetery.

Buterbaugh said something needs to be set up for future councils to follow.

In other business:
• John Smeal, council member, said the two padlocks for the restrooms at Veterans' Park were stolen, and someone involved with youth baseball purchased new ones.

He said council would purchase new locks so one key could be used for all the locks.

• Smeal said there have instances of dog owners allowing their pets to do their business around the park.

Buterbaugh said all pet owners should bring a bag with them when walking their dogs and clean up their own mess.

• Larry Lambert, council member, said the new exit signs and security light combinations for the War Memorial were ordered and will cost about $1,000.

Stan Derise, council member, said he had three estimates to replace the roof on the pavilion at the park.

He said the low bidder was J.A. Construction for $1,250 to put on a new roof and cap on the facility.

Nick Lantz, council president, said he was against any more improvements at the park due to all of the vandalism.

The motion to have the roof replaced was approved, with Lantz voting no.

• Lambert said the damaged siding was replaced on the War Memorial building.

• Niver said the box storm drain to fix the drain near Thompson Street will be delivered May 3.

He said they are cleaning up anti-skid from the roads and patching potholes.

Niver said the high grass ordinance takes effect May 1.

Also, at Monday's meeting, council:
• Approved the resignation of Harold Bruner as code enforcement officer and approved Doug Brocious as his replacement.

• Approved a motion to spend $60 to $70 to replace burned out lights on the borough dump truck.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. May 21 at the War Memorial.