Bidders may move forward on ATA project

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Plans for the construction of a new ATA terminal continue to proceed as the successful low bidders have received notice to proceed with the project.

Monday, Punxsutawney Borough Council President Susan Glessner said the contractors are about to receive the notice to proceed.

After the contractors receive the notice to proceed, they have 10 days to begin construction, Glessner said.

She added that this might be the light at the end of a very long tunnel.
The terminal was bid out for a two-story building, and ATA is in negotiations right now with a possible tenant for the second floor.
Also Monday:

• Lawrence Caggeso, of ATA, said the authority would like to install bus stop signs throughout the borough and surrounding area to more easily identify where the stops are located for customers.

Caggeso said the signs will be placed as close to the curb as possible so the riders and bus drivers can easily identify the location of the stop.

ATA was seeking permission from council to place signs at nine locations throughout town.

Borough Manager Ben White said some of the sign locations — such as Gilpin and Mahoning streets — are on state and borough routes and will require permission from PennDOT.

Caggesso said ATA also would like to replace existing bus shelters with new, four-by-eight-foot structures that have a more Victorian look. They are just large enough for people to get out of the weather, he said.

Glessner said there’s no longer a bus shelter near the Jefferson Street High-Rise, which was moved behind the Civic Center, because the new terminal building stop will be nearby, and the widening of Torrence Street didn’t leave enough space for the shelter.

Caggesso said the IUP bus shelter will be located near the main West End campus, although ATA would also like to install another shelter near the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts.

The bus stop signs would be installed by ATA crews at no cost to the borough, he said.

White requested that ATA make available schedules and bus stop locations to be placed at various locations throughout town to better inform potential riders.

Council approved a motion to allow the necessary changes and bus stop locations for the installation of bus stop signs and shelters.