ATA delays reshaped Torrence project

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Torrence Street road construction project is complete, but it could have looked much different if the ATA Transit Center would have been constructed differently on its North Findley Street lot.

Ideally, the Torrence Street intersection would have lined up in a T-intersection with Pine Street, but because the ATA project wasn’t able to purchase the properties further down Findley Street, it could only be constructed on the property it acquired, Borough Manager Ben White said Monday.

“I think it is an improvement, and there’s just a few items that remain to be completed,” including the removal of former street lines and arrows and painting new lines on the road, he said.

The street signs above Torrence and Pine will have arrows — pointing in the direction of each street — added to them.

White said he received several phone calls about how the intersection is set up. He explained that any drivers who are stopped on Torrence Street facing west and waiting for the light to turn green may turn either left or right once the light changes.

Once motorists learn how to navigate the new intersection, it should become easier, he said.

There is also a second “No Turn on Red” sign posted at street level at the Pine Street intersection. The original sign is partially obscured by utility lines.

White said the North Findley Street sanitary sewer repair project came in way under budget because it wasn’t necessary to replace the sidewalks since the sewer line was completely under the street.

Council approved a change order submitted by Continental Construction Inc., the project contractor. The original contract price was $148,370, with a reduction of $85,517, which lowered the project cost to $62,853.

In other business:

• White said in the engineer’s report that Brian Sekula, borough engineer, began the preliminary engineering work on South Main Street and Horatio Street.

Last month, council approved an additional portion of Horatio Street for storm sewer construction, which is being designed by Sekula, who is still working on what portion of Horatio Street to include.

White said there’s a good chance additional money will have to be put toward the project by the borough, and he’ll have more information at the Nov. 14 meeting regarding the project’s cost.

• A roof replacement project at the Punxsutawney Area Community Center has been completed, with some minor items that are still needed. The contractor, Dunkel Roofing, has not yet submitted a partial payment estimate.

• White said he received a letter from PennDOT District 10 regarding the borough’s request for a speed limit study along Route 119 (Indiana Hill) and Route 36 (West Mahoning Street).

PennDOT is collecting data and should have the study completed by the end of the month, he said.

Also at Monday’s meeting, council:

• Approved the addition of Melvin Schumucker, Linda Schumucker and Melanie Seylor to the Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company active list.

• Approved the addition of Brock Gallagher and Ryan Hutchins to the active list of the Central Fire Department.