Anthony takes to Italy for World Pizza Championships

Destiny Pifer
Of The Spirit

The 2017 Pizza World Championships were recently held in Parma, Italy, and Punxsy Pizza owner Scott Anthony was one of those in attendance.

World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani asked Anthony to compete with him this year, and Anthony was thrilled at the chance to once again participate.

The competition gave Anthony the chance to introduce his new pizza, which he calls the Caruso. The name, he said, comes from his Italian heritage.

He describes the pizza as having a black sea salt that gives the dough a marble look. He then uses a sweet and sour sauce topped with pancetta, fresh mozzarella and basil and balsamic glaze.

Though the pizza didn't win, Anthony said it was well-received by the judges, who later commented about it.

Anthony went on to talk about his trip and how inviting the Italian people are.

"It was a 10-day trip, and we did a lot of touring. However, in order to go, we needed to get sponsorship. We were able to get sponsorship because there were people who believed we had what it took to compete," he said.

Though it was an enjoyable trip, Anthony said it wasn't a vacation. The competition was three days long and was very intense, as there were 738 contestants from 39 different countries.
"We went up against people who have been doing this for years," he said.

In the competition, the judges, who are called "guidice," watch preparation techniques. They do taste-testings and look at the presentation.

The Italians are very proud of their pizzas.

The Italians believe in digestive ability and compatibility and that flavors are needed to balance it out.

"To them, American pizza is junk food. They view the pizza made in chain pizzerias as pizza made in laboratories," Anthony said.

In Italy, the Italians use fresh ingredients.

Anthony said that one can eat a 12-inch pizza in Italy and feel great, as it's much different than American pizza.

While in Italy, Anthony and his fellow team members visited notable places and had the opportunity to taste a variety of food, including various types of pizza.

"One of the places we visited was Lake Como, a beautiful town where we had the opportunity to look at the different styles of pizza," he said.

The team ate at pizzerias owned by chefs who are known around the world for their pizza.

In order to prepare for the competition, the team spent a few nights in the hotel kitchen preparing.

"What is great is that everybody helped each other out," he said.

Being in the competition allowed Anthony to meet people from all around the world.

Though no one on the team won a trophy, they were thankful for the opportunity to participate in the competition, and they look forward to next year.

Anthony is looking forward to introducing his new pizza to the community.