Animal ordinance tweaked at Big Run Council meeting

BIG RUN — At its most recent meeting Monday evening, Big Run Council changed a resolution it had voted on at an earlier meeting regarding what animals borough residents are allowed to keep on their property.

Tony Adamczyk, Big Run resident, requested that council change Ordinance No. 221 regarding which animals are permitted for borough residents to harbor on their property.

Adamczyk said that he listened to the tape of the borough council
meeting during which the new ordinance was approved, and there appeared to be confusion by some members of council regarding what they voted for.

"It should only be hooved animals that should be prohibited for residents to harbor on their property," he said.

Stan Derise, council member, made a motion to have Section 4 of Ordinance No. 221, regarding animals to be harbored in the borough rewritten, which was seconded by John Smeal, council member, and was approved.

Animals that are now prohibited have been limited to hooved animals: Horses, stallions, mares, cows, bulls, steer, calves, hogs, swine, sheep, deer and goats.

Animals that are now permitted to be harbored in the borough include: Turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, fowl, reptiles, ferrets, mice, rats or snakes.

In other business:

• Adamczyk reminded customers of Big Run Area Municipal Authority (BRAMA) that all questions regarding the sewer authority should be posed to BRAMA, not the members of Big Run Borough Council.

• Mary Shaffer, representing Cheer Force competition team, requested the use of the War Memorial for team practices.

"The girls would sign a waiver regarding damages or any injuries," Shaffer said, adding that the next closest team is in Brookville.

Shaffer said the teams would be split into several groups of 40 to 60 girls, which would practice Tuesday and Thursday nights — two groups per night from either 5 to 7 p.m. or 6 to 8 p.m.

Lantz said the group could store its mats at the War Memorial so members won't have to carry them in and out all the time.

Shaffer said they would start open gym at the end of May to see how many girls are interested, with tryouts to begin in July and competition to begin in November.

She said that having the team practice at the War Memorial would bring people into Big Run, and the team would be known as Big Run Cheer Force.

A motion was approved to allow the cheer teams to practice on Tuesday and Thursday in the War Memorial with no rental fee.

Shaffer said that they would make a donation to the borough during the winter months to help pay for the heat.

Also at Monday's meeting council approved:

• A motion to waive the War Memorial rental fee for the Big Run Peepers Banquet.

• Mac Irvin to replace Rick Rinehart for a term of five years on BRAMA.
The current members of BRAMA are Adamczyk, Irvin, George Bedell,
representing Big Run Borough; and Bob Hartman, representing Henderson Township.

• A donation of $600 to the Big Run baseball team for field maintenance.

• The spring primary election to be held at the War Memorial May 21.

• Carmeta States to have a day off May 30.

• Randy Verdill to be hired as the borough maintenance man.

• For the VFW to sponsor a Halloween dance for all ages on Oct. 19 at the War Memorial.

• The minutes from the Jan. 21 council meeting.

• A motion to pay the bills.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, March 18, at the War Memorial.