Acting out: PAHS Seniors in full swing with Variety Show dress rehearsals under way

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Are you ready for some fudge?

Yup, it's that time again — time for the annual PAHS Variety Show to be held at 7 p.m. from Thursday through Saturday at the high school auditorium, with a portion of the proceeds to go toward the Margaret C. Boles Foundation.

Austin Sabatucci, assistant executive director, said the theme this year is "It's Our Time."

"We have a lot of diverse skits this year; they're very original, especially after talking to the advisors," Sabatucci said, adding that the show will be very funny and will appeal to a broad audience this year.

Sabatucci said the consumer science classes have been busy making fudge for the past few weeks.

"It's going to be good, as always, and I'm enjoying seeing everybody working together," Sabatucci said.

The Variety Show “first began in 1951 thanks to a teacher in the Punxsutawney High School named Margaret C. Boles," said Emily Cassidy, 12th-grade guidance counselor.

Cassidy said Boles would secretly give money to students she believed to be college material but didn't necessarily have the funding to put themselves through school.

"Mrs. Boles would give out $100, and now we give out $1,000 a year for up to four years," she said.

Cassidy said the total number of loans distributed over time is 2,559; the total amount is $1,342,576; and the total amount that has been contributed from the Variety Shows is $212,251.74.

Cassidy said this is not a scholarship, but rather a loan, and students can borrow money interest-free. Once they've completed college, the students start to pay that money back in monthly installments.

"The Variety Show has funded the Boles Foundation for about 60 years," Cassidy said, adding that they have four student directors, student
emcees, a technology director, an art director and an executive director who are in charge of everything.

Cassidy said there are about 10 committees in charge of everything, from ushers to programs and putting up the artwork to the stage crew.

She said the program committee did an awesome job this year, raising more than $12,000.

This year's student directors are Lauren Ball, executive director; Sabatucci, assistant executive director; Rebecca Barnoff, art
director; and Drew Cooper, tech director.

The emcees for the show will be Alex Anderson, Sarah London, Caroline Dunkel, Maija Carol and Trevor Peace.

Tickets are available at the door.

Co-advisors are Emily Cassidy and Kim DeChurch; and Melissa Fedigan is serving as the program advisor.

The other 2013 advisors include Patti Fallara, Matt Curry, Katie Irwin, Sara Pack, Christine Williams, Jason Wos, Keith Hughes and Matt Dinsmore.