66th District seat candidate clarifies remarks from Wednesday forum

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Cris Dush, a Brookville resident and Republican candidate for the 66th District Legislative seat in the state House of Representatives, has made the following corrections pertaining to two Spirit articles — one April 19, the other April 20 — from Wednesday’s candidate forum at the IUP Fairman Centre.

Pertaining to a “new direction” for Pennsylvania, Dush expressed his appreciation for those who care enough about the condition and direction of communities and the Commonwealth to attend Wednesday’s event, and in turn, help determine a new direction: One which will return jobs to the communities and state, one which will return a commitment to truth and the dignity of the human spirit.

“A direction back toward prosperity and freedom and off this track of centralized despotism in which we currently find ourselves,” he said. “The message our campaign has brought forward about seeking wisdom from those of you at the business end of problems rather than from lobbyists or lifelong bureaucrats is turning heads across the commonwealth. There is a paradigm shift occurring. The message of taking unfunded mandates off our businesses, schools and local governments is resonating. The message of getting Harrisburg out of the classroom and allowing the teachers to teach the curriculum is being taken up.”

Also about “professors ... making more than $100,000 per year, “I had been talking about reports that some professors at different schools were only working that many hours, and that we needed to study it and do cost benefit analysis. If we found that to be the situation, we needed to get them working more than that and save money in the process.

Pertaining to housing inmates in-state, Dush said he suggested that the Level 1 and Level 2 inmates could be housed in county jails to relieve the overflow from the Department of Corrections, and the inmates could perform outside work details.

“We never should have gotten to the point of having to ship inmates out to other states,” he said.

Also, Dush said he performed the delinquency survey as an inmate records specialist, not as a corrections officer.

Also, he said there are men out there on the welfare roles creating children and never taking responsibility for them.

“It is those men who should not be receiving welfare checks,” he said. “The children need help.”