The Daily Press Punxsutawney Spirit | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-08-28T23:41:53-04:00 Faces Friday! 2014-08-28T23:41:53-04:002014-08-28T22:31:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritBy Destiny PiferOf The SpiritBIG RUN — Joe Buterbaugh is a familiar face. He is best known as the mayor of Big Run, a position he has held for 32 years. Or perhaps you have seen him throughout the community, where he is known to many as “The Candyman.” Buterbaugh was born and raised in Big Run. He is a 1955 graduate of Punxsutawney Area High School. Punxsutawney, PANo author availableFamiliar Faces Friday! Punxsutawney "Ghost in the Head" Johnson brings Punxsutawney's native past back to life2014-08-28T23:41:53-04:002014-08-28T22:22:26-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritThe event was called "Native American Lifeways," and the speaker was Todd "Ghost in the Head" Johnson. His presentation was very intriguing, because it covered Native American life here in Punxsy and other places in the Eastern Woodlands area.Punxsutawney, PANo author availableTodd "Ghost in the Head" Johnson brings Punxsutawney's native past back to lifePunxsutawney American Legion Post No. 582 swears in its new officers2014-08-28T23:41:52-04:002014-08-28T22:16:34-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritPunxsutawney, PANo author availableRossiter American Legion Post No. 582 swears in its new officersPunxsutawney Department gets boost from local group!2014-08-27T23:13:20-04:002014-08-27T23:13:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritPunxsutawney, PANo author availableFire Department gets boost from local group!Punxsutawney district is back to school!2014-08-26T22:48:56-04:002014-08-26T22:48:56-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritStudents from West End Elementary School are pictured boarding the bus on their way home.Punxsutawney, PANo author availablePunxsy district is back to school!Punxsutawney welcomes new director2014-08-26T22:46:59-04:002014-08-26T22:46:59-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritRead all about Lasher in Wednesday's edition of The Spirit.Punxsutawney, PANo author availableLibrary welcomes new directorPunxsutawney afternoon for local emergency responders2014-08-25T23:10:57-04:002014-08-25T23:10:57-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritRead the full story in Tuesday's edition of The Spirit, and see more photos in our Photo Gallery Punxsutawney, PANo author availableBusy afternoon for local emergency respondersPunxsutawney (vacation) is over!2014-08-25T23:04:08-04:002014-08-25T23:04:08-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritPictured are some of the students heading home after a long but eventful first day. Punxsutawney, PANo author availableSummer (vacation) is over!Punxsutawney homeroom assignments2014-08-25T19:03:56-04:002014-08-25T19:03:56-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney SpiritSeniors:• 111, Mrs. Green, A-Cam;• 114, Mr. Young, Car-Fen;• 115, Mrs. Pack, Fer-Hi;• 120, Mrs. Williams, Ho-Ma;• 122, Mrs. Cesario, Mc-P;• 124, Mr. Hockenberry, R-Sta;• 126, Mrs. Weaver, Ste-Z.Juniors:• 130, Mr. Long, A-Coo;• 131, Mrs. Lainey, Cou-G;• 132, Mrs. Burkett, H-Li;• 133, Mr. Eddy, Lo-Pa;• 134, Mrs. Smith, Pe-Ste;• 241, Mrs. Young, Sti-Z.Sophomores:• 224, Mr. Ambler, A-Ce;• 225, Ms. Miller, Co-F;• 226, Mr. Bishop, G-J;• 231, Mr. McHenry, K-Me;• 234, Mr. Heigley, Mi-R;• 235, Mr. Montgomery, S-T;• 236, Mr. Hayden, V-Z.Freshmen:• 215, Ms. Burkett, A-De;• 218, Mr. Grusky, Di-Hac;• 219, Mr. Shenkle, Han-L;• 220, Mr. Conrad, M-Per;• 221, Ms. Good, Pet-Sm;• 223, Mr. Dickey, Sn-Z.Eighth Grade:• 202, Ms. Carapucci, A-Br;• 203, Mr. Gill, Bu-Ge;• 206, Mr. Moore, Gi-In;• 209, Mrs. Shepard, Is-Mil;• 210, Mrs. Giavedoni, Min-Ra;• 211, Mrs. Hutton, Re-Sta;• 212, Mr. Hospodar, Ste-Z.Punxsutawney, PANo author availablePAHS homeroom assignmentsPunxsutawney 119 Travel Advisory2014-08-25T14:45:27-04:002014-08-25T14:45:27-04:00Copyright 2010 Punxsutawney Spirit The road is expected to reopen later today.Punxsutawney, PANo author availableRoute 119 Travel AdvisoryPunxsutawney