Young Twp. board talks audit, water

WALSTON — The Young Township supervisors adopted the storm water management ordinance at Wednesday's supervisors meeting.

Mike Defelice, supervisor chairman, said even though the ordinance has been adopted, that doesn't mean it can't be amended.

Ron Canton, township auditor, said they performed an audit on the sewage account this year and discovered a lot of problems that have been corrected.

Canton said the auditors picked up some items that were missed over the years, and some of the customers who owed money on their accounts have been coming in and bringing them current.

Defelice said Mary Ann Redding, clerical assistant secretary, recently sent out 18 notices to customers who are behind on their sewer bills.

Paul O. Hanley, township resident, questioned the audits of both the township and the sewage department, said that the supervisors should consider lowering residents' sewer bills.

Defelice said that would not be possible, since supervisors want to expand sewage to the Sportsburg area within the next couple of years.

Also at Wednesday's meeting:
• Hanley asked Canton why the auditors did not submit for publication the complete 2010 township audit in the newspaper.

Canton said it would be too expensive, and that anyone who wants to look at the full audit can come to the township office located on Walston Road to review it.

The audit showed that the beginning balance for 2010 was $386,934 with an ending balance of $421,000.
Defelice said he thought the report submitted by the auditors was misleading, considering the township didn't begin 2011 with $421,000 in the bank.

Hanley said the published report should show where the money is coming from and where it's going.

• The supervisors voted to take over the fire hydrant that is located near Acme Machine and behind the site of the former New Anchor Inn.

Defelice said the night of the Anchor Inn fire, the hydrant did not work, and the Pennsylvania American Water Company must agree to to fix it before they would take it over.

• An article of agreement with Robert and Barb Hanley for a right of way on Cunningham Road was approved.

• The supervisors gave approval to put out to the bid the work the township is planning to do on Cunningham Road, which includes the trimming of trees.

Defelice said that he spoke with Jim Schepis from PennDOT and said the supervisors would like to stay under prevailing wage if possible on the project.

The next supervisors meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 13 at the township building.

• Supervisors deferred approval of the minutes from the Feb. 9 voting meeting until the April 13 meeting.