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Young supervisors display budget with no tax increase

November 15, 2010

The Young Township supervisors recently discussed a grader (shown here) that was purchased by the township. The 1985 grader was purchased at the Asset Auction for $19,396. Mike Defelice, supervisors’ chairman, pointed out that he didn’t want to put new tires on it until next year because he didn’t want to use it to plow snow this year. (Photo by Larry McGuire/The Punxsutawney Spirit)

YOUNG TOWNSHIP — The Young Township supervisors voted to place the tentative 2011 budget on display for public inspection with no tax increase.

The proposed 2011 tax millage:

• Building — 0.5 mills; Fire — 0.5 mills; General — 0.5 mills; Vehicle — 0.25 mills.

The total millage is 1.75, which reflects no tax increase.

• Estimated Liquid Fuels funds for 2011 — At the Oct. 13 budget meeting, Lee Kent, secretary/treasurer, said that the estimated Liquid Fuels funds for 2011 were reported as $81,400.

• Local Services Tax — The amount for 2011 will remain at $32.

• Street Light Account — The account is funded by the industry along Route 436.

• Budgeted Donations — Solid Waste Authority — $1,800; George C. Brown Community Pool — $200; Punxsutawney Memorial Library — $1,000.

The supervisors approved the tentative budget and voted to place it on display to be adopted by resolution at the Dec. 8 meeting.

• Sewage Accounts — Supervisors voted to not raise the monthly fees at this point in time.

In other business:

• The supervisors discussed the grader that was purchased recently at an auction by the township for $19,396.

Mike Defelice, the supervisor’s chairman, said the former owner said it was never used for plowing snow, which was why there was so few hours on it.

Defelice pointed out that he didn’t want to put new tires on the grader until next year, and he didn’t want to use it to plow snow this year.

• Paul O. Hanley, resident, asked if the supervisors were going to close off more of the Walston playground due to the sink holes that came about as a result of a collapsed pipe.

Defelice said they would put the sewer line inspection camera into the collapsed pipe by the sink hole that has been detiorating for a long period of time.

Hanley said he suggested that portion of the playground should be made off limits because someone could be injured while sled riding during the winter.

• Two new subdivisions were presented by engineer Kurt Martin for Neil Lane and the Polish Club for the Adrian Housing Authority.

The supervisors voted 2-0-1 to accept the subdivision on Neil Lane with Defelice abstaining because he’s building a house on the road.

The supervisors voted 2-0-1 to accept the subdivision at the Polish Club for the Adrian Housing Authority. Butch Meterko abstained because he’s treasurer of the Polish Club.

• Doby Road was tentatively accepted by the supervisors as a township road.

• Pete Betts, resident, said that he has seen tri-axle trucks on Ellermeyer Road.

Defelice noted that there are no bonds on that road for any companies that are running on Ellermeyer at this time.

Defelice added that if Betts could get a license plate number and call the office, the supervisors would investigate who owns the vehicles.

The next supervisor’s meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 8 at the township building.

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