A young man with a caring plan

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Kindness and compassion are a pair of traits that every parent hopes his or her child picks up and runs with, and one local youngster has certainly displayed both qualities with a recent act.

Daniel Billick, the son of John Billick and Amy Cowburn, both of Punxsutawney, saved up his hard-earned allowance for a very good cause: to purchase a backpack full of school supplies for an elementary student who may not be as fortunate as he is.

According to Maureen Freas, elementary school counselor at Longview, Parkview and West End schools, Daniel earned his allowance by keeping his room clean, doing chores around the house for his mom, walking the family dog and cleaning up after the dog.

Daniel saved his earnings in a money jar throughout the entire summer, and he didn't stop at using his allowance. He also would keep an eye out for loose coins as he was out and about and add them to the jar.

After carrying out his act of kindness and compassion, Daniel has decided one act wasn't quite enough.

Now, he has plans to save and purchase two backpacks with supplies for the next school year — a pink one for a girl and a blue one for a boy.