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Weaver ruling delayed due to solicitor’s absence

November 1, 2010

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The members of the Punxsutawney Civil Service Commission were unable to shed any new light on the appeal from former Punxsutawney Borough Police Officer Sean Weaver regarding his not being hired on a permanent basis by borough council due to the absence of the solicitor at Monday’s meeting.

Commission Chairman Bill Leiberton and members Mike Ruffner and Rich Alexander were in attendance for the meeting in which they were scheduled to vote on hearing Weaver’s appeal from the Oct. 4 meeting.

Before Leiberton accepted petitions and comments from members of the public who were in attendance, he announced that commission solicitor Jeff Lundy was unable to attend Monday’s meeting due to a scheduling conflict.

Leiberton added that the commission members would be unable to answer any questions under petitions and comments without Lundy being present to advise them.

“Once again, I’m sorry. I had no idea of the conflict,” Leiberton said, adding that they would still entertain any petitions and comments from those in attendance, which included Sean Weaver and his brother, Mike.

With no response, Leiberton asked Mary Neal, borough secretary, if the commission had received any correspondence, to which she answered no.

Leiberton added that he thought the commission should not schedule its next meeting until it was sure of Lundy’s schedule.

Tim Morris, Punxsutawney Borough solicitor, who was also in attendance, asked Leiberton if the commission had completed its business, because he had correspondence that he wanted to distribute to the members.

Commission members did not reveal what was contained in the correspondence, or who it was from.

Leiberton added that they were going to hold an executive session with Police Chief Tom Fedigan in regards to planning when they would offer the next Civil Service exam.

Last month, Weaver addressed the commission and presented case law as to why he believed he’s entitled to a hearing regarding the appeal of his dismissal as a borough police officer.

The commission was to rule on Weaver’s request regarding a hearing at Monday’s meeting, but did not because of Lundy’s absence.

Leiberton apologized again for disrupting everyone’s schedule, and that it was not foreseen on the commission’s part that the solicitor would not be available.

Alexander made a motion that the next Civil Service meeting be scheduled as soon as Lundy would be available to attend.

Leiberton added that the next meeting would have to be a special meeting, and would need to be advertised because the commission was not scheduled to meet again until February.

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