Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
February 3, 1897

Found Frozen
John Barr, aged fifty years, while driving home in a sled last Friday night, lost his way in the woods near Glen Hazel, Elk County, and froze to death.

He was found the next morning lying face downward, in which position he had fallen when the sled struck a stump and held the team.

The man was under the influence of liquor when last seen alive.

February 20, 1897
An Appeal Taken
In the case of the Commonwealth vs Joseph Aiello, who was found guilty of murder in the first degree at the December term of court and was sentence to be hanged, the defendant by his attorney's has taken an appeal to the Supreme Court.

The case will be argued at Philadelphia on Monday, March 22. H. Clay Campbell, Esq. of this place has charge of the work.

Not Too Severe
Recently over in Chambersburg on the playground a boy kicked a little girl, and when school was called, the teacher brought the boy out to be chastised. He became rebellious and drew a knife.

The teacher conquered and thrashed the boy soundly, which drew some blood. The boy's parents had the teacher arrested for assault and battery.

The presiding Judge said the boy's act was of insubordination and that he had decided then and there that he was at the head of the school.

In the opinion of the Judge the whipping was not too severe.

The jury agreed with him and the cost of prosecution was placed on the boy's father.

Not An X-Rays
Mike Cloak, of St. Mary's, Elk county, age forty-five years, attempted to pass a one dollar bill, which it is alleged he had raised to five dollars at the St. Elmo hotel, in DuBois on Friday.

He was arrested and taken before United States Commissioner D.S. Heran, of that place, who held him for United States court in the sum of $500 bail, which was not furnished and now Mr. Cloak is in jail at Allegheny.

He had but little to say when arrested.

He previously had a good reputation and was not considered a bad man.