Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
(April 22, 1896)

A strange bicycle rider ran into Morris Weber, little son of J. A. Weber, yesterday, and hurt him considereably, though not dangerously. His head and face were badly cut and bruised, and the boy looked as though he had attended a Donnebrook fair.

A "Pie Social" under the management of M. L. society of the Lutheran church will be held Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Lanzendorfer. All are cordially invited. Each lady brings a pie and the gentlemen come to help eat them.

If all of the inhabitants of Church avenue would plant trees in front of their properties it would be but a few years until that street would be arched over, and would be the prettiest little street in town. It would also very much enhance the value of all the property on that thoroughfare. Such things should not be delayed, because time continues to proceed onward with inexorable regularity, and it is only a matter of a little time until we will be no longer in evidence.

Read the advertisement of S. J. Hughes & Son, dentists, in another column. They will pay railroad fair both ways for any one within a radius of 25 miles who gets over $12 worth of work.

"If this sort of weather continues," said 'Squire Joe Wilson reflectively, as he lighted a Pollock toby, "Amos will soon be around again."
"Amos who?" inquired Jesse Foltz.
"Why, a mosquito," replied the dispenser of justice.

Now that the jay bird, with his gay plumage, has made his appearance, and the daisy will soon deck the green sward, it is fitting and proper that you should go to Swartz, the tailor, and order a nice spring suit. Swartz can fit you exactly and make you feel glad that you are alive.

The hardest brick in America, perhaps are those made by O.H. Nordstrom in this city. They are burned with natural gas, a very good quality of clay is used, and they are almost like flint in texture. Persons who want brick that will last until doomsday can get them from Mr. Nordstrom.

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