Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
August 8, 1888

A.J. Holt

A.J. Holt, of East Mahoning township Indiana county, died last night
(Tuesday August 7), of cramp, aged about sixty five years.

Mr. Hold is well and favorably known in this community, having had charge of the flouring mills at this place and Clayville for several years.

He was a very genial, kind and devout man, and figured some as a local preacher. Mrs. Wm. Gillespie, of Clayville, and Mrs. Thomas Lamison, of Horatio, are his daughters.

August 15, 1888
A Mysterious Departure

On Sunday night of last week a row occurred in one of the Italian shanties at Walston, and since that time one of the participants has not been seen.

The friends of the missing man think he was killed and hidden away, and are making efforts to procure the arrest of several parties whom they suspect of having a knowledge of the affair.

Caught by Cupid

Dr. J. B. Morris, the popular young physician of this place, and Miss Ella Means, daughter of John Means, of Whitesville, were married on Tuesday, August 7, at Oliveburg, by Rev. R. M. Grossman.

The wedding was a quiet, unostentatious affair, as the Doctor is opposed to much demonstration, and especially to those invitations which state that "Your presents are requested." They have the good wishes of a host of friends.

Henry Bowser in Custody

Detective Colkitt, of this place, who has had a warrant in his pocket for the arrest of Henry Bowser for the past six months, received a dispatch from the chief of police of Clearfield on Monday informing him that Bowser had been captured, and was at his disposal.

Colkitt went to Clearfield yesterday after his man, and will take him to Brookville to await trial.

Bowser is charged with complicity in the Smith robbery, blowing up a spring house with dynamite, assaulting a woman, and several other offenses.

He is also the party who assaulted the officer from DuBois, who arrested him in Clearfield county about two weeks ago for horse stealing, while in the company of a young man named Rutter.

He is said to be a desperate character, and once in the clutches of the law he may learn something of the proverbial roughness of the way of the transgressor.