Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
April 4, 1888

A New Industry
Messrs. O. P. Galer, and W. C. Langsford, of Osceola, recently purchased a piece of ground from M. J. Dinsmore and O. H. Nordstrom, on the South Side, for the purpose of erecting an establishment for the manufacture of mining tools and cars.

There will be a machine shop in connection with it for their own convenience and also for the accommodation of the public.

School Entertainment
Jacob Zimmerman, teacher of School No. 4, Henderson township, closed his school on Tuesday, March 20, with a very credible and highly entertaining exhibition, which was greeted wit a crowded house.

The recitations and dialogues were all well rendered, and a song entitled "Our Camp Boys," by Mr. Beans, was heartily applauded.

Good music was furnished by Prof. T. F. Pifer, Messrs. P. A. Pifer, Wallace Holman, John Best, John Yohe, and Daniel Reishel.

The entertainment closed with three tableaux, the last of which was very highly appreciated by the large audience.

April 11, 1888
That'll be All Right

The editorial fountain is in a very dilapidated condition this week, having sore eyes, sore throat, measles, malaria, and an exaggerated cold.

But, as Horace Greeley said after riding twenty miles across the mountain with Hank Monk, the wild western stage driver, "We're still here — what's left of us."

We are a day later than our regular publication day an account of having to wait for the Sheriff's sales.

The Checker Championship
Just before going to press we received a dispatch from Altoona containing the latest news in regard to the checker championship contest now in progress between Messrs. Tyson and Brown.

If the reader can glean any information from it he is welcome to it.

Here it is: "Tuesday evening. Play, Glasgow. Tyson Won. Old Fourteen, drawn. Double Corner, Brown won. Switcher, drawn. Whilter, drawn. Dyke, drawn. Brown moved first."

It would appear from this that six games were played yesterday, the contestants each winning one, and the other four being drawn.