Way Back When

(The Spirit is pleased to share with our readers vignettes of life in the 19th century as originally reported in past issues of the newspapers. These reproduced stories include their original headlines and spelling.)

Local Intelligence
February 29, 1888

House Burned

The residence of Gaskill Gourley, near Grange, Perry township, was destroyed by fire last Thursday night.

The loss including household goods, will approximate seven hundred dollars, upon which there was $450 insurance in the Patron's Mutual. The fire originated from a detective flue.

A Fatal Fall of Coal
An accident occurred at the Adrian Mines last Friday evening which resulted in the almost instant death of one man and the very serious if not fatal injury of another.

Andrew Maloy and Michael Kennedy were engaged at what the miners term "bearing in."

They were lying on their sides digging out an opening under the coal to enable them to mine it more easily, when they struck a clay vein. This caused the whole mass to give way and come crushing down upon them, burying them completely.

The men were extricated as soon as possible and taken to their homes.

Doctors Williams and Hamilton were both summoned, but in the case of Maloy their skill was of no avail. His lungs were crushed and broken beyond reparation, and he died about two hours afterwards.

Kennedy was not quite so badly hurt, but his injuries are very serious, and his life is yet in the balance.

Maloy was about forty eight years of age, and leaves a wife and family. His remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery in Clayville last Sunday.

Later — Kennedy died from his injuries Monday night.

Leg Broken
Leland, a little son of Taylor North, of Young township, had his right leg broken below the knee last Wednesday evening.

He was playing in the yard when the smoke house door fell over onto him with the above result.

Card of Thanks
We wish to return our sincere thanks to the many kind neighbors and friends who so kindly assisted us during the late sickness and burial of our son Arthur L.

Also to friends of Punxsutawney for the beautiful wreath presented.

May God in His wisdom forbid that any of your happy home should be blighted by the cold and icy hand of death.