The Tom Siple Foundation recently received a donation of $13,550 made possible through the hard work of members of the local community.

The money was donated in memory of Doug Horne Jr. and Fred Manners.

Family and friends of the two banded together to raise money for the foundation by soliciting donations of various items that were raffled off from early 2014 until now.

All of the proceeds benefited the Tom Siple Foundation.

Pictured (from left) are: John Schaffer, Doug Horne Jr.'s uncle; Scott Schaffer, Doug Horne Jr.'s cousin; Chad LaBorde, Fred Manners' uncle; Mark Hildebrand, President of the Tom Siple Foundation; Brad Clinton, chairman of the foundation's board; Earla Horne, Doug Horne Jr.'s mother; and Doug Horne Sr., Doug Horne Jr.'s father.

The families would like to acknowledge everyone who donated or volunteered to help with the raffles, as well as Steve Stiller of Stiller Motorsports and the Scrubgrass OHV Park, who allowed them to use the park and also helped with donations.

On behalf of the foundation's board of directors, Clinton expressed his appreciation of the donors for banding together and working hard to raise money for their cause.

"They make this country what it is," he said.

The Tom Siple Foundation is a local organization that works with terminally ill and severely handicapped people.

It started out taking them on hunting expeditions — in 2013, 20 different families had trophy deer hunts — and eventually expanded to doing whatever it is they want, from arranging trips to Disney World to sending them on cruises, buying them handicap-accessible vans and more.