Son of local natives makes modeling debut for catalog

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Is there a modeling career in the works for two-year-old Hudson Miller?

The jury’s still out on that option, but he’s already made a bit of a splash, having been featured on the cover of a catalog for Rugged Butts (for boys) Ruffle Butts (for girls).

Hudson, the son of Deanna (Blose) and Garrett Miller, of Myrtle Beach, was set for some Valentine’s Day shots by an up-and-coming local photographer who thought he had what it took for child modeling.

“What happened was, we took both boys (including four-month-old Harrison) to get some photos taken for Valentine’s Day,” Deanna Miller said. “She (the photographer) really thought that he was photogenic and listened well.

“He was a little ham,” she added. “He’s two years old with the personality of a 22-year-old. But she said he would be really great for child modeling.”

When the photographer asked the Millers if she could submit some photos of him to a company in Charleston that was looking for children to model new clothing lines, they weren’t very sure about the idea.

“We weren’t into that at all,” Deanna said. “He is a ham, and we called it a day.”

But eventually, the couple agreed, and Deanna and Garrett received an e-mail about a photo shoot for Rugged Butts Ruffle Butts, a company founded by Amber Schaub, who sought “to create a cute and modern version of the ruffled diaper cover or baby bloomer that was such a staple of my childhood wardrobe.”

The family traveled to the call for models, and of course, Hudson was chosen for the shoot.

“It was fun; he had a ball,” Deanna said. “They made it really fun for the kids.”

Hudson’s antics with a little girl helped the two of them wind up on the cover of the catalog.

“He was playing, and the photo was by accident,” Deanna said. “They were sitting on the step, waiting for their turn, and he was inching closer to the little girl. She said, ‘I’m gonna kiss you,’” and she just kissed him. That was a genuine recaction. He was thrilled.”

She said she and Garrett aren’t looking for a modeling career for Hudson, but one never knows.

“It just sort of fell into our lap,” Deanna said. “He’s really into basketball, so this was not anything we had sought out. They asked if it would be it OK to contact us again for other things. At that time, I think it was fun, but it’s not anything we’re focusing on.”

Hudson and Harrison’s maternal grandparents are Janice and Jim Blose, and their paternal grandparents are Jess and Babette Miller, all of Punxsutawney.