Solid Waste Authority seeks donations for coming year

BROOKVILLE — Continuing to grapple with the loss of its administrative fee, the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority is seeking donations from willing townships and municipalities.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the authority, Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator Donna Cooper reported the amount of donations coming into the authority for 2012 is more promising than figures from 2011.
For 2012, $9,525 has been committed to date.

Cooper is expecting about $13,000 in donations for the coming year but has not yet received all of the final figures because municipalities and townships are continuing to finalize their budgets.

In 2011, the authority received $11,333 from both municipalities and individuals.

Cooper said initiating personal contact with leaders in the county’s municipalities is one of the most successful steps in receiving donations.

“I’m hoping we’ll be able to exceed that amount,” Cooper said. “We’re heading in the right direction.”

Also at the meeting, the authority approved Dave Gordon and Joyce Cooper's appointments, which will expire in five years.

The authority also appointed three authority members — James Berry, Amy Brubaker and Russel Whelpley — to a nominating committee for 2012 offices; the positions of chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer need to be filled.

Cooper also presented some legislative updates regarding recycling.
The senate unanimously approved Federal Senate Resolution 251 that expresses support for improvement in the collection, processing and use of recyclable materials throughout the United States.

Although this was approved, Cooper was unsure of what it could really accomplish because there is no money behind it.

In other business:
• The 2010 EPA Municipal Solid Waste Report was released.
According to the report, 250 million tons of trash were generated nationwide, while 85 million tons were recycled and composted.

The nationwide recycling rate was 34 percent in 2010 — 4.43 pounds of waste per person per day were generated, and of that, 1.51 pounds per person per day were recycled and composted.

"We're still throwing away a lot, but we're also recycling more," Cooper said.

She also said the county's numbers are similar to the nationwide report.
"We're holding our own as far as the county goes," she said.

• Cooper reported on the results of the Oct. 29 National Take Back Drug Day.

The county collected only about four boxes of prescription drugs, compared to the 16 boxes collected in April.

But nationwide, about 188.5 tons of prescription drugs were collected in October. That number, was consistent with the total collected in April.
• Cooper reported those who are looking to recycle fire extinguishers may do so at JAWCO Sales & Service located in Punxsutawney. Call 814-938-8600 first for instructions on how to transport the extinguishers, and where to drop them off.

• The authority approved its 2012 meeting dates.

• The Solid Waste Authority will not meet in December. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the authority will take place at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25.