No talk of recount in 66th race

BROOKVILLE — After absentee ballots were counted Tuesday night at Jefferson Place, it brought the race for the 66th District seat in the state House of Representatives even closer.

Unofficial results show that Cris Dush collected 2,459 votes (46 percent) over Sam Smith’s 2,388 votes (45 percent), a difference of only 71 votes.

A second challenger for Smith, Dr. James M. Brown, collected 441 votes (8 percent).

Seven absentee ballots couldn’t be counted because of mistakes with ballots.

However, there are still 452 write-in votes on the Democratic ballot to be counted, and that will begin at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

Dush would need 300 write-in votes to be possibly placed on the Democratic ballot in the fall for the general election.

According to Chief Clerk Karen Lupone, there has been no talk of a recount at this time.

However, the Secretary of the Commonwealth will have till no later than 5 p.m. May 3 to issue an order for a recount or recanvass if it is determined, based on the unofficial returns submitted by the County Board of Elections, that a statewide candidate or ballot question that appeared on the ballot in every election district throughout the Commonwealth was defeated by a margin of half or one percent or less.