Memorial Day photo gallery

It was a day of honoring not only those fighting for our country but those who gave their lives while fighting for it.

For the men of the Rossiter American Legion Post 582, it was a busy morning Monday as they headed out to seven different cemeteries, holding a memorial service at each one.

For members John Woods and Mike Berringer, it marked their first service, but for two of the oldest members, Bob Snyder and John Shaffer (both 87 years old), it was an occasion that both men have been observing for many years. Pictured (front, from left) are Joe Flemming; Ben Gibson; John Mack, commander of post; Shawn Guidash, chaplain; Robert Grove; Don Senott; Carl Vendetta; (back) Richard Bubb; Snyder; Shaffer; Christopher Johns; Robert Deeahl; Gordon Shaffer, active first sergeant; Frank Johns; Frank Pearce, acting commander; Berringer; Woods; John Urchuck and Earl Clontz.

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